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40 Halloween Quotes And Sayings To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Halloween hasn’t always been such a commercial affair. Historically, all hallows’ eve marked the one day every year when people thought the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped.

The holiday evoked a sense of mystery, intrigue, respect and fear. Today, it’s rife with candy consumption and elaborate costumes. Here are few Halloween sayings to celebrate Halloween in all its original glory.

Check our funny Halloween quotes about this unique day, that is sometimes also called all saints’ eve, celebrated on the 31st of October.

This day is celebrated mainly by Christians and is dedicated to remembering the dead. So here are some funny Halloween sayings about this celebration day.

1. I’m Sorry To Tell But You Are Older Than Recommended Ages Indicated On The Sexy Witch Costume Package.


2. The Scariest Thing About November 1st Is That Shopping Malls Are Already Selling Christmas Goods & Decorations.


3. The Adults Celebrate The 1st Of November As An International Eat You Kid’s Halloween Candy After They Fall Asleep Day.


4. To A Wine Expert: Would You Please Recommend Any Good Wine That Pairs With Eating My Children’s Halloween Strawberry Candy.


5. If You Want To Go Really Scary For Halloween You Should Go As The Person You Claim To Be On Facebook.


6. I’m Proud To Say That I‘ve Outworn Last Year’s Costume.


7. If You Really Want To Select A Shocking Costume For Your Halloween, Choose It To Be Like Renee Zellweger’s New Face.


8. I’m Practicing My Zombie Role For The Upcoming Halloween On My Subordinates At Work.


9. Taping Your Balls Between Your Legs Does Not Count To Be A Halloween Costume.


10. For Halloween I Can Dress As The Fat Version Of Any Hollywood Actress I Want.


11. I’m Not Going Let The Fact That Halloween Is On A Friday Stop Me From Showing Up To Work Hangover On Monday.


12. I Have To Confess, No Halloween Costume Could Ever Creep Me Out As Much As Your Regular Attire.


13. I’m Going As A Zombie For Halloween By Slouching Half-Dead At My Desk Like Every Other Day Of The Year.


14. The Scariest Part Of Halloween Is Knowing My Rent Is Due The Next Day.


15. Where There Is No Imagination There Is No Horror. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Say Boo And Scary On!


16. Just A Reminder You’ve Got Plenty Of Time To Plan A Disappointing Last-Minute Halloween Costume.


17. I’d Dress Up As A Siri For Halloween If My Life Didn’t Already Entail Being Asked Stupid Questions All Day.


18. Your Halloween Costume Makes Me Want To Take It Off.


19. Cheers, Said Every Vampire Before Sinking His Teeth Into Man’s Neck.


20. In My Life I’ll Always Respect Our Differences. Even If That Only Difference Would Be That You’re A Zombie.


21. I Am Not Sure But I Hope That People Mistakenly Believe This Crappy, Last-Minute, Thrown-Together Halloween Costume Is Supposed To Be Lady Gaga.


22. Halloween Is The Only Time I Can Easily Convince Others That My Children Are Monsters. Without Any Legal Issues.


23.  I Hope Your Halloween Is All Treats And No Tricks… Enjoy The Candy And Festivities!


24.  The Monsters Will Feast On Your Blood This Halloween! Well, Maybe They Won’t, But They Will Make Cocktails With It.


25.  It’s Positively Ghastly Outside. It Must Be Halloween! You Have A Good One!


26. Having A Werewolf For A Girlfriend Isn’t Bad. At Least You Know She’ll Never Tell You To Shave Without Looking Like A Hypocrite.


27. Creeping And Crawling Is No Way To Get Through Life, But It Is The Best Way To Enjoy Halloween.


28.  Halloween Is The One Time Of Year Where Grown Women Can Dress Like Hookers And No One Will Care. Happy Halloween!


29.  I Hope You Have An Un-Boo-Lievably Fun Halloween! Eat Lots Of Candy And Have A Great Time! May You Only Receive Treats And No Black Cats Cross Your Path This Halloween. Have So Much Fun!


30. Those Who Go As Ghosts Should Probably Be Spooky. No One Likes A Timid Ghost.


31. Danger Doesn’t Lurk At Every Corner; It’s Just Hanging Out, Waiting For Fear And Horror To Show Up. Happy Halloween


32. Let’s Carve Out Pumpkins On Halloween And Enjoy The Thrills Of The Frightful Night. Have An Awesome Halloween And Enjoy All The Tasty Treats!


33. Believe It Or Not, Cash Works As A Halloween Treat. It’s Like Getting A Gift Card For Christmas.


34. Fear Itself Is Actually Fear’s Full Name. No One Actually Calls Fear By Its Full Name, Though, Because They’re Too Busy Screaming.


35. That Poor Girl Can’t Reach Into Her Pockets, Because A Big Ugly Monster Ripped Her Arms Out Of Their Sockets.


36. Beware Of The Demons And Witches And Goblins… And Of The Houses That Don’t Give Full Bars… Have A Super Fun Trick Or Treat And A Great Halloween!


37. In The Realm Of The Undead, Their Only Wish Is To Be Released On Halloween And Wreak Havoc Over All They Come In Contact With.


38.  When The Devil Whispers In Your Ear, Mischief Is Your Command. Truth Be Told, You’ll Enjoy It Well; Just Keep A Weapon Close At Hand.


39.  If You Hate Halloween, It’s Only One Day. On November 1, You Can Start Christmas Shopping. Happy Halloween!


40.  Happy Halloween To All You Spookily Special People Out There. Remember To Have Fun And Don’t Frighten Too Many People!

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