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Harver Tool Alternatives 2022: 10 Best Recruitment Assessment Tools

Harver is a cloud-based pre-employment assessment platform. It helps large organizations with their hiring processes. This software uses Artificial Intelligence or AI around the algorithm that identifies candidates which match your requirements closely.

Employers could first use this system to enter their preferences, customize the application experience, and then build predictive assessment and gamified skill games. The candidates have then been selected on the basis of their performance in these games.

Harver’s algorithm collects information on factors like personality, cultural fit, situational judgments, cognitive ability, and proficiency within 42 different languages. Then it calculates a score percentage to show you only the best possible matches.

Harver promises to give the candidates an engaging method to move ahead with their application. Harver also provides tools that convey a recruiters corporate ideology and also shows features like video interviewing.

The “VideoPitch” facility offered helps project a brand or working opportunity in the best manner. Plus, it also lets the applicants record their video pitches and interview responses so that there is less dependence on one-to-one sessions, thus saving everyone’s time.

All the above features, as well as built-in reporting and analytics capabilities to visualize recruitment process insights, could be accessed through the user’s recruiter dashboard.

Harver claims they can integrate with multiple Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or multiple recruitment solutions already being used like TalentSoft, iCIMS, Taleo, etc.

10 Best Harver Alternatives

1. Criteria

Criteria is an assessment company that helps organizations make better decisions through objective and multidimensional data. It combines leading-edge data science and rigorous validation backed by psychologists.

This ensures that it gives the most accurate assessments possible. The suite of assessments it provides is the most comprehensive and covers aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, and more to provide you with the best talent available.

2. HR Avatar

HR Avatar Pre Employment Tests help businesses identify which candidates are the most suitable for a role by giving them pre-hire employment tests. This software is perfect for any size business and could be used either on the cloud or on-premise.

All the tests provided in HR Avatar are designed in detail pertaining to specific jobs. They are configured to measure all the parameters that are needed to contribute to the job. All the competencies are prepared after proper research, as mentioned in the Occupational Information Network data set of the US Government.

3. Plum

Plum is another cloud-based pre-employment assessment solution that assesses the candidates on problem-solving abilities, attitude, behavior, and social intelligence.

The hiring managers could select only the most essential qualities they need for a role through their short role analysis survey. Plum then uses its algorithm and calculates a role match score for each of the applicants basis their assessment responses and output of that analysis.

Its Problem-solving assessment checks the candidate’s capacity for logical thinking and the ability to solve problems with the guidance of questions through which the candidates have to identify the relationships and patterns. This test is suitable to find out each candidate’s ability to acquire knowledge and solve any work-related issues.

Their personality inventory test checks candidates on qualities like assertiveness, compassion, openness, politeness, enthusiasm, self-regard, stability, orderliness, intellect, and industriousness. This provides a comprehensive analysis of their most important character traits and personality points.

4. eSkill

The eSkill Talent Assessment Platform comprises pre-employment and behavioral assessment tools that the organizations could use to modify their hiring outcomes.

Clients could then set their own customized test center up and create tests immediately by choosing the already prepared tests from the Test Library. Or you can create personalized assessments and choose questions from the various assessments and add your own questions.

They include questions that provide on-the-job situations and video responses to give a fair idea of the applicant’s communication skills as well as personality.

5. Tazio

Tazio is a cloud-based recruiting platform. It combines various aptitude tests, video interviewing, situational judgment tests, realistic job previews, and hybrid assessments so that businesses can find the best candidates for that job.

This solution could then be used to schedule any interviews, score the candidates, export data to onboard them, manage the workflows, provide reports on recruiting, and much more.

Tazio helps employers to evaluate a candidate’s true potential using tailor-made and custom branded aptitude tests, realistic job previews, situational judgment tests, video interviews, etc. The individual tests could be combined to create an online assessment process that matches your business needs ultimately.

The assessments usually include audio, video clips, animation, and personalized introductions along with a conclusion screen.

The candidates could be scored against particular criteria basis the customer’s competency framework. The workflow management is highly flexible and allows employers to select or reject candidates quickly.

6. Hire Score

The Hire Score is another applicant ranking solution for the HR Teams. It offers pre-employment testing, candidate tracking, safety compliance management, etc.

It aims to help businesses of various sizes, thus helping them make intelligent hiring choices. Hire Score opts for smart assessment technology to rank the candidates based on their aptitude for that role. Apart from keeping track of the applications, Hire Score also gives a ranking of every candidate based on skills, experience, and characteristics. This helps the HR Teams and management to filter out the best candidates.

Its dashboard view has a leader board of applicants basis their ranking. Also, it sorts them by status like ‘not recommended,’ ‘pending,’ and ‘recommended.’ There is green color coding for the highest-ranking applications. Users could filter the leader board view through display or status type and even leave notes, flag the candidates, or sort them basis on any particular criteria.

7. Outmatch

Outmatch helps managers in picking up only talented people for the job. Users can generate workforce analytics after checking each candidate’s assessments.

Then this cloud-based platform provides the necessary insights that predict an employee’s performance and guides the talent strategy. Using Outmatch assessment, the hiring managers could engage the ideal candidates with a branded experience. This can be completed on mobile platforms, also allowing the applicants to choose from hundreds of similar job profiles.

The ”Match Score” decides the best fit, while the “Match Report” shows traits like personality, numerical and logical reasoning, etc. The interview guides then offer a structured format to prepare customized questions allowing the user to record their answers in the system.

This garners better responses based on cultural or organizational fit, competency, and other behavioral characteristics.

8. Talent Sorter

The Talent Sorter is a cloud-based tool, and it integrates with the online hiring process to analyze each applicant’s behavior and personality. This will let the recruiter know if the applicant has the qualities to perform in that role.

Each assessment outcome generates a Fit Score on the dashboard, thus allowing you to sort the candidates by their score, store applications, and view the Job Fit Report and Interview specifically to one person.

9. AccuRecruiter

AccuRecruiter is another online assessment and pre-screening tool that lets you select the best candidate. It gives the HR teams and recruiters tools to conduct video interviews, pre-screening any team members, assign them online assessments and analyze the final performance.

This video-based solution acts as a platform for conducting online job applications. Thus the application process becomes simple for the employer and the candidate.

10. Hire Success

Hire Success is a solution for pre-employment testing, and it is designed to help businesses smoothen their employee recruiting process, which comprises interview scheduling, baseline creation, and job campaign management.

Users can build their own career websites and post vacancies, accept job applications, request documents or any information from the candidates, and create personalized workflows as per the job need.

Businesses could organize the hiring pipeline for the candidates and track the progress and scores across their interviews and test the workflow to streamline the shortlisting part.

It has a cheating migration tool that lets the admins set the time duration for remotely proctored assessments, receive any notification if the applicant left the test window, auto submission if any cheating is done, and generate the employer audit report to find out the time taken to attempt all the questions.

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