Benefits of beetroot

12 Massive Health Benefits Of Beets

Beets are wildly consumed around the globe. Both the taproot and the leaves of this plant are edible. Due to immense health benefits people has been consuming beets from the long time back.

Traditionally it was used as coloring agent in the food and as medicine. In Europe, the color of the beetroot was widely used as the coloring agent in the wine.

People have been cultivating the beets from around four thousand years from now Beet is commonly referred to as beetroot, table beet, red beet, garden beet, etc.

Key Facts About Beets


Beets are consumed as salads, as vegetable or used as pickles. The young leaves of the beets are consumed as salads. There are many delicious recipes made from the beet.


Cultivation of beets is done around the globe. It can be grown indoor, outdoor and industrial purposes. Generally, it takes around fifty-five to sixty-five years to harvest beetroot.


Beetroots are available in wide range of color red, yellow, purple, and orange. Of which the red color beetroot and popular around the world. The yellow and other colors are grown in the small scale of the consumption in the house.


This is the compound responsible for the red color in the beetroot. The human body does not metabolize this color. Due to this, it passes from the body in color form. This sometimes mimics the color urine and stool.


The person with the ailment of kidney and bladder need to abstain consuming the beets. The innate oxalates in the beets can interfere in the body.

Nutritional Information

The majority of the beetroot is comprised of the carbohydrate with the trace amount of fat and protein. Vitamins present in the beetroot are vitamin A, C and B-complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9 in the varying amount.

Minerals present are calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, potassium, phosphorous, sodium and zinc.

Benefits Of Beetroot

Beetroot is lush with the goodness of nutrition due to this consuming beets as in salads, cooked, or in various culinary menus.  Due to massive health benefits, they are often included in the list of valuable vegetable.

1. Enhance Stamina

Staminna - Health Benefits Of Beets

Beets consumption are associated with the increase in stamina in the body. It is due to the presence of high amount of natural nitrates in the beets. The nitrates turn into the nitric oxide during the time of need.

Nitric oxide is vital to expanding blood vessel enabling the smooth supply of nutrients, oxygen, and blood.


2. Reduce Miscarriages

Miscarriages - Health Benefits Of Beets

Due to the presence of Folate or Vitamin B9, the miscarriage during the early stage of the pregnancy can be prevented. As this vitamin is vital to reduce the miscarriage.


3. Blood Pressure


Adequate blood pressure can be mention by the consumption of the beets. There has been the research in the decrease in the systolic blood pressure of the individual with the history of high blood pressure.


4. Antioxidant


Beetroots are lush with the antioxidant like vitamin C and manganese that have the true benefit in the human body. The devastating effect of the free radical can be prevented by consuming the antioxidant.


5. Prevent Cancer

Cancer - Health Benefits Of Beets

The innate phytonutrient in the beets is claimed to be effective in the combat of cancer. There are researchers around the globe that support this tenet.

Cancer caused by the formation of the tumor is prevented by the intake of the beets. Several cancer such as prostate, lung, breast, skin and pancreatic cancer can be prevented by regular consumption of the beets.


6. Body Cleansing

Body Cleansing

Beets juice is claimed to have the powerful cleansing power. This is due to the presence of the betaines, which has potent cleansing power especially the liver.


7. Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Due to the less energy in each serving, it can be beneficial for anyone wishing to get rid of unwanted fat. The energy content in the beet is merely 43 kcal per 100 grams and it is lush with vitamins and minerals.


8. Cognitive Power

Cognitive Power

Consuming beets roots is claimed to boost the cognitive power. This is mainly due to the present of betalains in the beetroot.


9. Aphrodisiac


Due to enabling of the smooth supply of blood in the different part of the body. The consumption of beets is long believe to enhancing the aphrodisiac power.


10. Respiratory Problems

Fatty Liver

Due to the presence of the beta-carotene and vitamin c the presence of which is helpful in the variety of respiratory problems like asthma.


11. Good Vision

Authentication Process

Due to the presence of vitamin A, that is essential for the optimum vision. Regular consumption of the beetroot can be beneficial for the normal functioning of the eye.


12. Digestion


Due to the content of the adequate roughage and essential nutrient for the normal performance of the intestine. The consumption of beetroot is believed to enhance the normal function of bowel movement.


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