Health Benefits Of The Neem

25 Health Benefits Of The Neem ( Azadirachta Indica )

Neem is the rapidly growing evergreen tree, which can attend the enormous height of more than forty meters upon maturity. It is estimated that neem tree can live for more than 200 years.

Human has been using neem tree from the long time back. Traditionally Ayurveda uses Neem tree for soothing several ailments. Neem has been traditionally used to cure the ailments occurring both inside as well as outside the body.

Neem is considered to be the native to the South East Asia. Neem is found naturally in the tropical and subtropical forest of South East Asia.

Neem tree is widely praised for its ability to resist the drought. It is among the few shade-giving tree that can thieve in the drought tolerance condition. This is the prime reason for the rapid spread of this species. The higher resistant to the drought accelerates the spread of the neem.

Various part of the neem such as fresh leaves, bark, seed, and root are used in the medicine. Among them, the most widely used part is the leaves and seeds. Fresh leaves of the neem tree are bitter in taste and unpalatable for consumption by the various individual.

Neem As Invasive Species

 Benefits Of The Neem

Except for the native region plantation of the neem tree must be done with great caution. Due to the prolific spreading rate of the Neem, it can cause havoc outside the naïve region.

The rapid spread rate of the neem tree has the potential to wipe out native species from the non-native region. This is the prime reason for its inclusion of neem in the list of weed species in many none native geographical area.

Various government bans on the import of the neem seed due to the hidden danger of rapid spread.




Children should not give the neem product of any type. There are no precise doses for the neem product. The adult doses of the neem oil for external application should not exceed sixty milligrams per day. Anyone wishing to consume neem oil needs to consult the physician for the doses.

It is recommended not to consume more than five gram of the neem power by an adult in the single day. It is recommended to consume five hundred milligrams of powder twice a day.


Propagation of the neem is generally carried out with the seed. During the summer season, the new tree bears the numerous seeds, which can be used in the propagation.

Due to higher germination capacity, neem can be easily propagated through the seeds.


Neem Oil Preparation

Neem Oil

Neem oil can be prepared by pressing the neem seeds. Neem bears numerous seed once in the year. Neem tree blossom during the spring season. The seed gets ripen during the summer season and falls from the tree.

The seed contains three distinct layers. They are outer skin, inner seed, and the middle sweet nectar. Seed is collected, outer covering is removed and sun-dried prior to extraction of the oil.

For the extraction of the oil cold press is the better option as conventional oil press generate the massive amount of heat which can demise the beneficial effect innate in the oil.


Neem Powder Preparation

Neem Powder

Neem powder is prepared from the leaves. Green Leaves are carefully picked from the plant. The yellow leaves have low medicinal value and should not be used while manufacturing neem powder. The leaves are sun-dried until it gets fully dried. Then the dried leaves are the grind to obtain powder form.



It is not advised to consume neem oil during pregnancy. As there is recorded case of the miscarriage upon the consumption of the neem. Further, it is not advised to give neem products to the infant. Neem product needs to keep away from the children.


Health Benefits Of Neem

1. Acne


The presence of the salicylic acid in the neem is beneficial in preventing the growth of the bacteria leading to demise in the acne.

Further, the quercetin innate in the neem makes the skin smooth and fades scars.

The bacterial growths are responsible for the occurrence of the acne.


2. Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Neem is widely praised for its ability to regulate the blood pressure in the human body. This is describing in the Ayurveda.

The antihistamine effect obtains upon the consumption of the leaves leads the blood vessels to dilate. This can be the great benefit for the one suffering from the high blood pressure.


3. Birth Control


The spermicide property of the neem is beneficial in the prevention of the conception. The cream with the prime ingredient as neem oil is gaining immense popularity in birth control.


4. Cholesterol


Moderate consumption of the neem is claimed to demise the level of the cholesterol in the blood. An adequate level of the cholesterol is vital for the optimum functioning of the heart.

5. Diabetes


Intake of the neem stimulates the production of the insulin hormone. This can be beneficial for the one suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and is affecting various people around the globe.


6. Digestion


The healing power of the neem is claimed to be beneficial in the adequate digestion of the food.


7. Eye


Neem has several beneficial effects in the eye. It is essential to boil 20 leaves with half a liter of water for around five minutes. The water thus obtained can be used to wash the eye. This is believed to soothe inflammation in the eye.


8. Immune Boosting

Exercise Daily

Neem oil is claimed to boost the immune system leading to the beneficial effect of preventing several ailments. Immunity boosting can prevent several diseases occurrence.


9. Hair


The antimicrobial property of the neem is claimed to induce the beneficial effect in keeping the healthy hair. It is claimed that the use of the Neem prevents hair fall, ward off dandruff. This is the prime reason for the use of the neem oil in the shampoo.


10. Eczema



The Neem oil is widely used in the treat eczema. The rough and inflamed skin often marked by the blister is known as eczema.


11. Fungus


Neem is widely noticed for their antifungal property. This is effective in the preventing various infection caused by the fungus. The fungus is responsible for several noisome effects in the human body such as itching, pain, and others.


12. Genital Warts

Genital Warts

The cause of warts in the human body is Human Papilloma Virus and the application of the neem can be effective in removing genital wrath. This can be achieved by the application of the oil and paste of neem leaves in the affected part.

The antiviral property of the neem is effective in the prevention and elimination of warts in the various part of the human body.


13. Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes

The herpes simplex virus is the causative factors for the occurrence of the Herpes. The antiviral property of the neem is claimed to induce the beneficial effect in the demise of genital herpes.


14. Liver



The beneficial effect of the neem is helpful in the preventing the adverse damage to the liver. The liver has the vital function in the human body among them is the metabolism of the toxins.

15. Cancer


Cancer occurring in the various part of the human body is prevented by the intake of the neem products. The presence of the chemical compound like Nimbolide in the neem is potent against the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of the cell and the intake of the certain food demise the occurrence of cancer.


16. Psoriasis


It is the skin disease marked by itching, patches in the skin. This is the autoimmune disease. Traditionally, neem oil is used in the treatment of psoriasis.


17. Skin

Skin care

Neem oil can be used to make the skin attractive. This is due to the beneficial effect of the soothing of the microbial growth upon the application of neem.


18. Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection

The antimicrobial property of the neem is beneficial in the prevention of the infection caused by the microorganism in the urinary tract.


19. Vitiligo


It is perceived that Vitiligo is the autoimmune disorder. This is marked by the loss of the pigmentation of the skin leading to the whitish patches on the skin.

Both the application of the oil in the skin and consumption of the leaves is claimed to be beneficial for soothing Vitiligo. This has been used in the traditional folk medicine.


20. Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Intake of the neem tea is claimed to induce the beneficial effect of losing the weight. This is due to the synergetic effects of various beneficial properties innate in the Neem.

There is no precise diet for weight loss due to this inclusion of the neem in the weight loss can yield the better result.


21. Wound Healing

Wound Healing

The antimicrobial property of the neem is beneficial in the preventing the infection in the wound. Further, the stimulation of the production of the collagen fiber in the affected part accelerates the healing of the wound.


22. Healthy Gum

Healthy Gum

Use of neem produces healthy gum and teeth. This is due to the antibacterial quality of the neem, which is beneficial in obtaining the healthy teeth and gum.

Bacteria are responsible for the various diseases of the teeth and gum.


23. Insomnia


It is claimed that the consumption of the moderate amount of neem induces the sound sleep. This is beneficial for the one suffering from insomnia.

24. Bad Breath

Bad Breath

The bacteria in the mouth are responsible for the bad breath. Neem has the antimicrobial quality which is beneficial for the prevention of the bad breath.


25. Malaria


Traditionally, Neem tea is given to soothe malaria.

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