Health Gadgets-Healthcare Gadgets For Demanding Millennials

7 Healthcare Gadgets For Demanding Millennials

Millennials strive to have a healthy lifestyle and they do this by taking care of their bodies and ensuring that their health is at an optimum level.

They trust apps and gadgets to monitor their health and keep them in good shape. To meet that growing demand, the technological sector is developing gadgets that help them track their health, know exactly their cardiovascular state as well as monitor their sleeping patterns.

These gadgets have been very useful in helping millennials live a better healthy life and limit their visits to the doctor. Although that is true, not all are useful and effective. So which ones are the best?

Here Is A List Of 7 Of The Best Healthcare Gadgets For Millennials:

1. Tinké


Millennials can use this health monitor to track their heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and respiratory rates.

In that way, Zensorium Tinké can help people with hypertension and respiratory problems monitor their conditions to see if they are worsening or not.

On the other hand, users that prefer maintaining fit by regular exercise can use this gadget to monitor their fitness levels.

That will help them reach their fitness goals in a limited amount of time when compared with those who don’t use Tinké. Above that, you can use this gadget to learn how to manage your stress and relax.

It can be used with iOS devices only because it is tailor-made to work with this operating system. The pricing for Tinké is $119 once-off without any recurring costs.

2. ZIKTO Walk


When you consider wearable technology, most probably, the first thing that springs to mind is fitness watches.

Although they are very effective, ZIKTO developers thought of something more innovative than that.

ZIKTO Walk was designed as a wearable technology that has motion detectors that prompt you to correct your posture.

For example, if you are walking and suddenly there starts to be an imbalance, the bracelet will send a gentle vibration reminding you to correct your posture.

The most prominent imbalances it detects is if the back of the wearer is hunched or if he is walking very slowly.

ZIKTO Walk is priced at $149 and comes with a wide range of different straps with a variety of colors to suit your preferences and style. The straps are Italian made, which makes them more durable.

3. DEKA Bionic Arm

DEKA Bionic Arm

Military veterans that survived explosions but lost their arm, as well as other civilians that got amputated for some reason, can get the DEKA bionic prostheses.

It is very revolutionary because it uses brain signals to move in a certain way.

That means it isn’t as frustrating as regular prostheses arms because it works almost the same as a regular hand, you can do simple everyday tasks with it.

The electrodes on the bionic arm pick up on contractions of the muscled near the prostheses, and then it results in the desired movement.

The problem with this gadget is that it is quite expensive and the costs can even reach $100,000, which is much more than the average citizen can afford. But if you can afford it, it’s a good buy for sure.

4. Omron’s HeartGuide Blood Pressure Watch

Omron’s HeartGuide Blood Pressure Watch

Omron’s HeatGuide blood pressure watch is another wearable technology that goes beyond fitness.

It is very sophisticated and high-tech because this watch tests the user’s blood pressure just as it would at a clinic.

The watch also goes further than just detecting blood pressure but its sensors also expose other diseases. Those diseases include heart diseases and also kidney conditions.

The data Omron’s HeartGuide blood pressure watch can be very valuable for doctors to easily diagnose these illnesses.

It can be easily shared with doctors using the HeartAdvisor app, which in sync with the watch.

It compiles a PDF report which a doctor can easily access and run more tests when required to make a diagnosis and treatment plan. It costs $499 when preordering it.



UPRIGHT GO is from the same family as ZIKTO Walk and also function similarly to that wearable technology gadget.

The difference is that UPRIGHT GO isn’t worn on the wrist but rather stuck to the user’s back to improve posture. It offers more than ZIKTO Walk because it works when you’re sitting down, driving and walking.

If you have a problem with having bad posture when sitting down at work, UPRIGHT GO will be there to send gentle reminders. The device should be stuck between the shoulder blades right on top of the user.

Don’t worry about thinking that you will have a big camel hump because the device is very minimal and not that noticeable.

It is currently available on sale for $79 and it comes with adhesive strips that are strong enough to stick all day.

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He says, ‘’Simply put, my back was giving up and I needed to do something about it. This device is exactly what I could desired for.’’

6. Nima Gluten Detector

Nima Gluten Detector

Some people are allergic to gluten and have celiac disease and it would be very beneficial if there was a way to test the food you eat before consuming it.

Well, there is a way to do so with the Nima Gluten Detector, which is a small helpful gadget in the healthcare industry.

It is very minimal and can fit in your pocket but can save you from unwanted visits to the clinic because of histamines acting up.

Nima is one of the greatest gadget developments in the healthcare industry and is relatively simple to use.

It comes with one-time use test capsules that are used to detect any ingredients containing gluten. The retail price for this device is $289 and comes with 12 free capsules on purchase.

7. Biomeme


Biomeme is very different from other gadgets listed here because it offers a more in-depth insight into your health.

It currently runs on iOS devices but there is an Android version being developed. In simple terms, this gadget converts an iPhone or iPad into a virtual DNA lab capable of detecting some diseases.

Everything is conducted in real-time with the quantitative polymerase chain reaction thermocycler feature. Biomeme has the hope that small clinics will also use this device to detect diseases to follow through an accurate treatment plan.

The gadget comes with an app capable of recording the data and storing it for future retrieval. It is a first-class healthcare technological gadget and has many different versions for this useful technology.

The Bottom Line

These gadgets have been made available commercially so the general public can use them. That is exactly what you should do and take advantage of the many different features of these tools.

They can read and detect many different diseases and help you regain your perfect posture. You can also use these tools to track your general wellbeing, sleep hours, heart activity and help you reduce stress better with the tips available on their apps. Greitieji kreditai internetu visą parą bedarbiams be užstato skolingiems iš privačių asmenų, refinansavimas be kredito patikrinimo ir paskolos su vekseliu

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