Podiatry Clinic - Important For Foot Health

Podiatry Clinic – Important For Foot Health

Feet are also a very vital part of the human body. In the whole lifetime of an individual, he or she covers about 100,000 miles approximately.

But it is often noticed that people avoid taking care of their feet by going to podiatry clinics. Taking care of feet is as important as taking care of other body parts. Let’s have a look at why you should visit a podiatrist.

1. Joint Pain In Feet Or Ankles

Arthritis is one of the most common symptoms for the human, especially for aged people. If you are suffering from joint pain for quite a long time and notice that your joints in the feet have swollen up, became stiff then you should have a visit to the podiatry clinic.

A podiatrist can only pull you out from this condition with his/her suggestive treatment.

Podiatrists have in-depth knowledge and they can easily find the problems of your feet, and they can provide proper treatment for your foot and leg problems. You can prevent long-term pain of arthritis by consulting a podiatrist.

2. You Are Diabetic

If you have diabetes, then you must visit the podiatry clinic at least once in a year. Diabetic patients are more likely to have feet related issues.

These problems can range from having dry skin in your feet to some critical infections. Plus, normal medicinal treatment can take much time for diabetic patients. Podiatrist care can only reduce more than 50% amputation risk that is caused due to diabetes.

3. Limiting Activities Due To Heel Pain

There are various causes for your heel pain. Heel pain may arise due to a bony growth on your heel, well known as a heel spur. It may also happen due to inflammation of the tendon that connects to your heel.

No matters, what is the cause for heel pain, if you are suffering from heel pain for a long period then you should go to a podiatry clinic for diagnosis. They can suggest the best shoes for your feet and you can get rid from heel pain within a few weeks.

4. Suspect To Have a Broken Foot Bone

The podiatrists in the podiatry clinic are professionals in treating broken bones or strains or sprains in your feet or ankles.

Whether you are facing trouble in walking or having increased foot pain, visiting a podiatrist is only the solution. They can easily suggest a treatment against your injured area.

5. An Obstinate Ingrown Toenail

This is another reason why you should have a visit to the podiatry clinic. If you are having an ingrown toenail then don’t overlook it as it can cause serious infection later on.

These ingrown toenails are often seen in the big toe. If the toenail is swollen up due to drainage and becomes dark red, then you must go for a treatment. In some cases, the podiatrist will eliminate that nail part or will prescribe some medicines for the affected area.

6. Corn Or Callus – Sign Of An Unhealthy Feet

Corn or Callus is the most common reason to visit a podiatrist. If the affected areas thicken up, then it will be very painful.

You might require a cortisone injection to lower the pain. Even the doctor can decrease their size with the help of a surgical blade. This is totally a painless procedure as it is made up of dead skin cells.

Surgery is the last option and a podiatrist performs surgery on your foot or ankle, in case of serious injuries. A podiatrist only performs surgery when you have broken bones or recurring ingrown toenails or bunions.

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