27. The Bow On This Fake Holiday Horse Makes It Look Like It Has A Horrible Case Of Hemorrhoids

30 Hilariously Inappropriate Christmas Design Fails

Christmas is also the time when most companies want to lure the maximum customers into their shops. While some of them use creative and unique marketing strategies to do so few of them actually fall flat in their attempts.

This is probably because the Christmas promotion they planned actually backfired due to some serious flaws in it. Here are 30 such cases where the ideas just flopped.

1. The wrong placement of letters changes the meaning

1. Merry Christmas


2. The booby look to Christmas cookies


3. What exactly are these polar bears up to?

3. Christmas Polar Bears


4. Is it a reindeer or a dog or both together?

4. Santa's Favorite Ho


5. Resembling something else, is it?

5. Someone Decided These Reindeer Didn't Need Their Eyes


6. Is it reason or treason?

6. This Christmas Tree That Was Removed Days Later


7. Well, the reindeers do not need eyes, do they?

7. Found At A Holiday Bazaar


8. Should have been for adults.

8. Oh Fox, You Make Treason Sound So Festive


9. What kind of baby Jesus is that supposed to be?

9. Gee, I Wonder What It Could Be


10. No one liked this one so was removed.

10. I Used Chocolate Bells Instead Of Kisses. Is It Me Or Did I Just Make Christmas Boobs


11. Waiting for the surprise still.

11. Not The Christmas Spirit I Would Have Hoped For


12. Mr. Claus may not like this version of him.

12. 12 Be Honest, Is It Just Me


13. Is it HO HO or OH OH?

13. This Statue In Rotterdam Of Santa Claus. Mrs Claus Is In For A Surprise Tonight


14. The scary Christmas ornament we should all avoid.

14. These Reindeer Are Having More Fun Than Me


15. Ornaments at the wrong place.

15. Oh Oh Oh


16. Can you blow the gun with a barrel in your mouth?

16. This Hobby Lobby Christmas Ornament


17. The reindeers are up to some other mischief.

17. Unfortunate Placement Of The Christmas Ornaments


18. A monster style Christmas celebration.

18. What A Touching Christmas Ornament


19. The ornament with a difference.

19. The Cracker I Got At My Work’s Christmas Lunch Was A Gun-Shaped Whistle. To Blow It, You Have To Put The Barrel In Your Mouth


20. Uh well who exactly is going to get the cookies?

20. This Christmas Stocking For Your Dog That Has A Picture Of A Cat On It


21. What a tough challenge to decipher?

21. This Nightmare Of A Christmas Ornament


22. This initials game is not what I expected

22. My Sweet Innocent Mother Got My Sister A Thermos With Her Initials Monogramed On It For Christmas


23. Wrongly placed words spoil the game.

23. I Wouldn't Have Guessed That The North Pole Is His Scene


24. Just change the words and the meaning changes

24. This Mom Ordered A Sexy Santa Outfit From eBay


25. Santa seems to be in a naughty mood this year.

25. Warning: Make Sure Front Of Ornament Faces Out


26. Is this supposed to be a cat or a dog?

26. Bad Santa


27. Why is my imagination linking this with something else?

27. The Bow On This Fake Holiday Horse Makes It Look Like It Has A Horrible Case Of Hemorrhoids


28. It cannot be as simple as this.

28. My ‘Where’s Wally’ Advent Calendar Isn’t Giving Me Much Of A Challenge


29. The idea of this costume seems quite gross.

29. Our Advent Calendar, We Didn’t Notice When We Bought It


30. Keep the ornament hidden, please.

30. Poor Design On My Neighbor's Christmas Decoration

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