How AirBnb And Uber Could Disrupt ebay And Amazon?


  • Why Airbnb is being touted as the next eBay?
  • How can Uber disrupt Amazon?

Here are some of the overarching trends collected by Jeremiah Owyang, which, he thinks, will disrupt the established players while giving wind to the backs of startups like Airbnb and Uber:

  • Market force for local, personalized experiences will only increase
  • Social business will evolve from sharing of ideas and media to sharing of goods and services
  • New start ups will be powered by the crowd and people will be able to get what they want from each other
  • Delivery time of 3-5 days or even overnight will start to feel slow. People will be able to purchase in real time

How AirBnb and Uber will benefit from these trends?

Airbnb claims to have created neighborhood guides for cities all around the world. It provides that personalized experience at the local level of properties and experiences available to rent.

It could go even further and help restaurants, local retailers, and artisans to provide services to guests at Airbnb, and then to anyone, all at the local level.

Similarly, Uber, a venture-funded startup company, could deliver anything you need on-demand –disrupting Amazon. Imagine, Uber moving beyond town cars and ice cream trunk, and start activate the crowd to become couriers at the local level. Amazon could be disrupted by Uber, because latter could easily lay its hands on inventory that’s readily available and make available, on-demand.

These Startups will usher in the new model of collaborative economy enabling the crowd to get durable goods, media, and products at the local level and on-demand.

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