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What Is Blogging And How Is It Used To Make Money?

Are you a budding entrepreneur or professional with something to say?

A blog could significantly boost your career or business. Even blogging is one of the possible ways to build your career online or earn money online.

Making Money Online With Blogging

Stories of bloggers making huge amounts from their blogs are legion. And, you might have heard some of those stories before.

But, you’re wondering what blogging really is and how you might be able to leverage it to make money online today.

Well, before I dive into the specifics of how bloggers earn an income, I want to tell you first a bit about what blogging actually is and what it isn’t.

The truth is that many people are drawn into the allure of blogging. They’re potentially looking to find a huge pot of gold and get rich quickly.

Making Money Online With Blogging

Can blogging make you rich?

Yes! Some people are making outlandish incomes from their blogs. Their monthly incomes far surpass the annual income of many executive-level employees, leaving most to wonder how they did it.

Copyblogger, TechCrunch, Mashable, Huffington Post are some of the examples of wildly-successful blogs that make the cut with at least $1 million dollars in annual revenue.

But for many bloggers, it’s not easy. However, it is well worth it. Work hard now, reap the benefits years down the line. Success won’t come quickly or easily, guys!

Sound good? Of course, it does.

If you’re serious about starting a blog and you’re looking for a blueprint or a walkthrough, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

The field of blogging is not simple. But it is surely worth a try if you are really passionate about it.

If you can create a blog which is loved by a significant amount of audience, then you can earn enough money to afford a location-independent lifestyle.

So, if you are willing to enter the field of blogging then you should start right from today because every hour counts. You have to invest a lot of time, energy and patience to rise up the ranks in the world of blogging.

What’s A Blog And How To Make Money By Blogging?

Making Money Online With Blogging

Plenty of people who have heard the term “blogging” fail to understand what a “blog” is. A blog is precisely an online diary or journal located on a website.

Just like you read a magazine in the form of a book which carries news, content about various topics etc a blog is almost the same but in a digital format. You will need an electronic device with an internet connection to access a blog and read it.

Just like magazines are particularly of a specific niche, blogs are of the same type and they are based on a particular field of expertise of the person who has created the blog.

How To Make Money Blogging?

Making Money Online With Blogging

Just understand that blogging isn’t just about writing creatively on a weekly basis. Also, you need to understand the mechanics of online marketing and just how you can generate an income from your blog.

How much you could make would depend on several factors, including how often you blog, the quality of your content, how competitive your topic is, and how effective you are at building an audience and generating traffic.

People have found out different ways in which they can earn money from their blogs. However, there are certain ways which have been proven to be more effective than others and have helped numerous people to earn money.

For example, putting up advertisements on your blog will fetch you a good amount of money but only if your blog has thousands of visitors every day. Without such a significant amount of traffic, your blog will not be able to make enough money from Google’s Adsense or through PPC.

Another, interesting way by which you can earn a lot of money is by getting a big brand sponsor who is willing to pay you huge sums to promote a product in your blog. But for that, you would again need a huge amount of traffic visiting your blog every day of the month.

Making Money Online With Blogging

Top bloggers earn in 5-6 digits because big brands sponsor them handsomely for certain promotions.

Do not think that it is impossible to get much traffic on your blog but it will surely take a lot of time and hard work.

Making Money Online With Blogging

You will need to understand a lot of other things as well. This is the reason why there are numerous courses and training facilities for those who want to become a blogger.

You’ll have to get advertisers, sell services like consulting or speaking, use affiliate marketing to get a percentage of sales from links people to click on your blog, or maybe offer products like ebooks or premium content to actually generate income.

Making Money Online With Blogging

Following are some proven ways you can start making money from your blog today.

  • Sell ad space
  • Offer consulting services
  • Write sponsored posts
  • Product reviews
  • Create a business directory
  • Promote an affiliate product
  • Host sponsored contests or giveaways
  • Teach an online course
  • Write an ebook
  • Create a private community
  • Site sponsorship
  • Sell merchandise
  • In-content affiliate links
  • Dropship products
  • Sell templates

If you are hoping to make a living out of blogging here are some more realistic tips:

  • Don’t have any illusions about it being your sole income until you see evidence in your bank account
  • Diversify, do not rely on one blog or one income stream
  • Choose your niches carefully
  • Experiment with formats, layout and article types
  • Market your blog, write killer headlines, linkbait
  • Network, network, network – a good portion of success comes from who you know

Making Money Online With Blogging

Final Verdict

If you have read the article until this point then you must have understood by now what a blog is and whether you would be able to earn money from it.

The field of blogging has become really competitive and people are bringing in more innovative ideas and ways in which they can use their blog to gather a huge audience.

So if you have the passion for blogging then start immediately and work on it.

Making Money Online With Blogging

Seem impossible to do? It’s not.

All you need to do is stay persistent, deliver enormous amounts of value and build your audience slowly over time. Not overnight. Over time.

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