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How Can I Generate Website Traffic With Low Marketing Budget?

1. Build Brand Awareness

People perceive Buffer as a place that is transparent, thus honest and trustworthy. That automatically helps prospects / leads connect on a positive emotional level with their product, which in turn increases long-term conversions.

2. Generate Buzz And Acquire Inbound Traffic

Although I cannot know for sure, I bet a whole dollar that transparency/culture section on Buffer’s blog is the #1 source of traffic they have (or at least it was when they were building their reach). Being very thought-provoking topic, it naturally yields a lot of social media shares, inspires discussion and analysis.

3. Make Research

Keyword Brainstorming For SEO – A Beginner ’s Guide

I hope you’ve made some research before starting a business? You should carefully inspect your business niche and know who you wish to attract with your offer.

Make surveys and learn your potential audience: what are social groups, what is the age, are they men or women. Knowing your customers is essential for building a proper marketing strategy.

Test various strategies to know what your customers expect from your product or services and to learn what techniques work the best for your clients.

The best and easiest way to do this is finding a controversial topic that may be attractive for your target audience and share an interesting post with them. Focus on SEO with $0 Marketing Budget Good SEO is extremely vital for any business website.

Establishing a proper optimization strategy for your website means a lot for traffic and brand awareness. When your website is ranked high in SERP, it drives more people to your site and thus increases its traffic and, as a result, conversions.

4. Create High-Quality Content

Content on your website is closely related to search engine optimization. Google improves its algorithms and with release of its latest nestling – Hummingbird – internet search becomes more and more focused on users and less on website owners.

Search engine leaves no chance for websites to cheat with links. It pushes bloggers and website owners to high-quality content creation.

High-quality content means it is created with users needs in mind, not for Google or other search engines. Your business should offer helpful info that users will wish to read and share.

5. The Only Reason People Care About A Website Is Because The Content And Information It Shares.

In order to succeed with your website, you’ll have to publish the right kind of content. Content that people actually care about. What kind of content is that, you ask? It’s the type that generates traffic, leads and sweet-sweet sales. Which is everything your business needs right now.

This kind of content gets targeted traffic from Google and other search engines. It also establishes you as an expert and someone who people can trust within your field.

Your website’s content has to be optimized for it to stay afloat on consistent waves of traffic. Otherwise it will be like sailing inside a leaking boat. I’ll tell you what you need to know and do in the sections below.

Engage with Users on Social Media Social networks are one of the most effective means of driving traffic to the website. When you have a high-quality and interesting content you should allow people to share it with others across the internet.

First, create a social media account for your brand. On Facebook you may create a special brand page that offers some additional resources and services for promotion.

6. Use High-Definition Eye-Catching Photos

SEO Tools

We humans are visual creatures, which is why we process visual information a lot faster. Especially when it comes to deciding whether what we see is compelling or not.

Also, having a feature image is what makes your posts stand out and sharable on social media. People are much more interested by posts that have a compelling image, than any of their friend’s feeds.

7. Write More Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the most popular and most efficient way to gain more traffic and backlinks for your website. You can either write a new guest post if the blog owner requires it or republish an already existing one.

You’ll have to email other website owners and do your best to convince them that giving you an opportunity for a guest post is a good idea.

Be vary that this might take a lot of time and the average success rate is 1/10, but anything can happen. Especially if you do the right things. Here’s a simple pattern you can follow to nail your outreach and get blog owners to accept your guest posts.

8. Free Webinar

Using a free webinar is a great idea to help generate website traffic to your website. A webinar is essentially setting up a live video feed on your website.

You can amp it up and get people excited by advertising about it on your social media pages. So when the day comes, the people that have signed up for your webinar are attending.

The key here is to make that you tell your followers to also share this with as many people as possible. The more people attending your seminar, the better your value and awareness spreads.

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