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How Caviar Became A Delicacy

Caviar is something that is much more enjoyable than it sounds. For some reason, words can never do this delicacy justice. In fact, if you simply were told it was fish eggs, you may politely decline on a culinary experience that can actually change your life!

You will often come across caviar at luxurious restaurants or black-tie events that are posh enough for a Queen. But Caviar is not just for special occasions. Imperia Caviar, for example, provides a way to delicacy every single day.

But how did this unique food become such a beloved item amongst the rich and famous? And where did it even originate from?

We’ve rounded up all the things you need to know about caviar to understand how it became the delicacy that we all enjoy today.

The Name is from Turkish Origins

Folktales will have you thinking that caviar originally came from Russia or France. But, in fact, the name caviar comes from the Turkish word known as havyar. But while the name itself has Turkish roots, the first encounter with caviar as a delicacy comes from the other side of the world.

The First Written Account of Caviar

Caviar is and always will be a culinary classic. In fact, historians have dated that the first time caviar was put down into writing was all the way back in the 1240s and was referenced by Batu Khan, who was the Mongol ruler at the time.

While we do not know the first people to have eaten caviar or who created it, we do know that it has been around for thousands of years, much to the delight of our taste buds.

It Comes from the Caspian Sea

The majority of the caviar that is enjoyed throughout the world comes from the Caspian Sea. This large body of water borders countries like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia.

So these countries commonly look after the harvesting and production of caviar. In fact, they even have a special name known as Ikjanschik and need at least ten years of training!

It was First Consumed for Health Benefits

Back when the Persians would consume caviar, it was believed that the fish eggs would bless them with a boost in both physical strength and endurance.

This was what fueled caviar to become a competitive food item to consume and eventually made it a delicacy that only the true elites could attain. But now, caviar is accessible to all and you don’t have to be a king to enjoy it and the resulting health benefits.

Caviar Comes in a Collection of Colors

Caviar can be both light and dark. In fact, if it is the real deal then the colors ten to range from a light grey to a yellow-grey or black and brown hue.

If your caviar has a red tint to it, then it has not come from sturgeon and instead comes from salmon. While still delicious, the red color hints it is not the world’s best.

The Art of Serving Matters

Since the beginning, there has always been a proper way to serve caviar—which helps establish its place as a delicacy. The golden rule is that caviar should never be served with just a silver spoon as it has negative effects on the taste. There is a special caviar spoon that is made with a mother of pearl and should always be utilized when enjoying caviar.

The Status of Caviar Makes it Expensive

When something is considered a delicacy, people are willing to pay an astronomical amount for it. So is the case with caviar. In fact, current history books have recorded that the most expensive caviar ever sold was done so in London and cost approximately $40,000 Euros per kilo. Yes, you read that correctly! Nearly a down payment on a house for a small bundle of caviar.

The Species of the Sturgeon Matters

There are different types of sturgeon fish, each one producing a different type of fish egg. The more delicate eggs are free of any fishy aroma and instead produce a sweet and buttery taste as soon as they are popped in your mouth.

The most authentic type of caviar you can get comes from the Acipenser sturgeon and is very distinguishable from the others.

Caviar is a pleasure of life that should be enjoyed every day. Luckily, some of the best caviar brands have made this delicacy attainable to have every single day and help you celebrate the small joys of life while feeling like royalty.

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