How Does Deals Work for Business Owners on Facebook

Facebook has rolled out its location-based promotions service Deals to the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Users of the Facebook for iPhone and Androids apps and the mobile site can access special discounts and charity donations in exchange for a check-in in via Facebook Places that spreads a brand’s name in their stream.

For business owners, this functionality offers you helluva lot of good opportunities to incentivize your business.

Go to Facebook Deals page (location-based promotions service Deals) and login to your Facebook account. If you don’t have one, then please sign up.

The “For Business Owners” tab includes a “How Deals Work” video describing the value of incentivizing check-ins, and a “Creating a Deal” video tutorial for admins. The site also links to a downloadable .pdf  ”Deals Guide for Businesses” hosted by Box.net. The .pdf and videos outline the three core benefits of using Deals:

  • Acquire customers
  • Spread the word
  • Build  customer loyalty

The guide also includes a detailed steps and processes about

  • Creating your deals
  • Best practices
  • Getting your business ready for your deal

The guide also provides tips about:

  • Offering discount
  • Creating short and snappy Deal summaries and redemption instruction copy
  • Monitoring campaign progress
  • Training employees to redeem Deals
  • Setting up policies for handing issues with customers
  • Working with Facebook’s account managers to set up Deals across hundreds of locations if necessary
  • Buying Facebook ads to promote Deals

By providing these best practices, Facebook can reduce the likelihood that businesses will have an unsuccessful or stressful experience with Deals.

Business owners can promote and leverage maximum out of the Facebook deals by buying Facebook ads to promote deals. If Facebook can demonstrate that Deals are simple to create and generate a solid return on investment, businesses will be eager to buy ads for them.

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