How Startups Can Compete Against The Big Guys

How Startups Can Compete Against The Big Guys

Fighting unnaturally large battles is part of the technology industry’s DNA, and yet it would seem that every startup begins the process anew, rewriting the story of how to compete and succeed in the face of formidably large competitors.

Your larger, more established and better-resourced competitor is an ominous and omnipresent danger to your existence.  It will subsidize its products to compete with you, monopolize the distribution channel, spend more on marketing a single launch than you will ever raise, and create uncertainty in the market about your product among customers.

But in the world of internet-delivered services, rapid innovation, evolution, and constant disruption, no one’s power is guaranteed.  This creates huge opportunities for startups going up against the big guys, if executed properly.

Source: ” Competing Against The Big Guys “,  TechCrunch

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