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How Startups Should Leverage Angel List For Raising Funds

Image Source: Pankaj Jain,TLabs

Yesterday, I participated in Startup Saturday, and we had a great time getting valuable inputs on:

• how to approach first few paying customers by Siddharth Agarwal from Practo
• Challenges of scaling up sales for an internet by Krishna Iyer, VP, Ixigo

However, amid a few wonderful  products demo by MaaRewa, SportsChimp and Shadow media, one topic, in particular, that has stuck with me is: “How to use Angel List to your advantage”, presented in his inimitable style by Pankaj Jain from TLabs, where he illuminated the audience about Angel List, hybrid social network, communication and crowdsourcing platform offers a greater degree of visibility to startups that might not have access to investors, and, on the flip side, has become an important resource for investors looking to boost dealflow and connect with other investors.

Last night, I curated a lot about Angellist, and now I am sharing with you. Hope, these articles help  startups raising seed funds using Angel List:

If you can add more to the list, please let me know.

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