Technology Has Changed Our Lives And Will Change Our Lives

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives And Will Change Our Lives In The Future

Since the beginning of the technological age human life has been changed, when Thomas Edison and Nickola Tesla waged a war on each other with AC vs DC and electricity has been distributed to every home our lives have never been the same.

Within 150 years we have been able to put men on the moon! Think about that for a second, a couple of thousand years previous men were wandering around surviving day to day on hunting and gathering, they didn’t even fully understand what the moon was, they probably thought it was the sun at night time.

Within in a small space of time humans have suddenly fully understood the moon, its rotations and all the other planets in our solar system.

Further to that we have even left our planet and landed on the moon.Elon Musk is even planning to colonize Mars in the next 20 years.

You get the message, technology has suddenly catapulted our quality of life and capabilities.

I can sit at home and have food ordered to me by just pressing a few buttons, I can send a message to the other side of the world in under one second.

I can view any street I want on google maps. The possibilities are endless, or are they?

I would argue not, because what we are in for in the next 50-100 years is very exciting. On one hand you could argue that our possibilities will be endless, on the other hand it is bad for humanity as the advancement of technology is likely to render a lot of our jobless useless.

Our fear is the this will widen the gap between the rich and the poor, the theory of universal income means that humans will no longer be able to work and be basically given money by the government, this will allow them to spend their money on services, further providing revenue streams for the already established corporations.

For this reason it is important to keep onto of technology news, blogs like Digitizd and Cnet do a great job.

By staying on top you this will allow you fully understand how the world is shifting, how fast we are advancing and possibility spot an opportunity to capitalise.

The rate of advancement is something that can be very easily exaggerated, for example people say “we will be on Mars by 2020” or “we will be able to teleport in the next 10 years”.

These are just random guesses that influence the public perception of technological advances. The world needs to just keep an eye on developments and not get too worked up about predictions.

One thing is for sure, the next generation will have access to things that your parents only ever dreamed about. Stay tuned folks, your world is changing.

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