5 Tips On How To Choose The Right Layout & Design For Your New Blog

5 Tips On How To Choose The Right Layout & Design For Your New Blog

So, you’re finally ready to start that blog you’ve always been dreaming about. Feel confident about the content you’re about to share, and you have a schedule set up for how often you’ll post, and you are certain there’s plenty of material for at least a few months. But, there’s still one thing missing: you have no idea how to go for blog design.

There’s nothing to worry about. There are millions of templates and designs you can choose from, and thanks to the advances in technology, you rapidly preview them to settle on the perfect choice.

To give you an extra helping hand, we’ve put together five tips on designing a blog, depending on your chosen niche. So, no matter if you’re doing a gaming blog focused on the Book of Ra or want to talk about architecture, check out these ideas.

Choosing The Layout Design For A Sales And Ads Blog

Even if you don’t see your blog as a business, you should never exclude the possibility of turning it into a source of income as you gather enough followers.

So, when deciding between various creative designs, keep the idea of advertising in the corner of your mind as you may want to save some space for ads or an affiliate link now and then.

So, for a sales and ad blog, you should always go with a simple but appealing layout that allows some space for a banner or a small ad in between your posts.

Website Layout Ideas For A Design And Graphics Blog

Considering the graphic design definition, you know it’s about combining pictures and text to create something appealing and pleasant. So, when choosing a layout for such a blog, you need to make sure to use something colorful but not too complicated.

You want your readers to notice your good taste, but it shouldn’t steer their focus from what you’re writing about in your blog. Of course, you’re going to need a lot of space for images, screenshots, and demos, so you will need a highly-customizable theme to work your way around it. Sidebars are rarely needed for such a blog, so make sure to find a layout without them.

Blogs On Social Media

When deciding on the graphic design layout for a blog focused on social media, you need to focus on sharing, interacting with multi-media, and networking.

You will want all the social-media integration and plug-ins, but some careful decisions have to be made. For example, you are not overloading the pages with share buttons for various platforms.

Sure, you want readers to easily share the posts they like; however, you need to be careful when choosing those platforms.

Also, deciding on where to place the share buttons is another important layout decision. While placing them at the beginning of the article makes it more likely for a user to click on them, it also involves the risk of the visitor not reading your entire post.

Doing things the other way around may result in fewer shares, but you know they went through your full post and shared because they found the information valuable.

Page Layout Design For A Travel Blog

Pretty similar to what a web design blog would look like, a travel blog is all about perfectly combining images, text, and video to share your experience with the readers. When starting such a blog, you need to make sure you have the storytelling skills needed to share your passion travels with your readers even without the added images.

A minimalist approach is always welcome as you don’t need to baffle them with your site’s looks, but with the experiences you’ve gone through and the way you share them.

News Sharing Blog Layout Design

If you’re starting a blog that focuses on news and spreading it, you want to be able to highlight the really important news from the rest. So, you will want a feature that clarifies the most important news on the blog. As for ads, these should usually be kept to a minimum as readers are always going to trust a news source that doesn’t make money out of on-page advertising.

To monetize a news blog, you can start partnerships with other publications or insert a promotional post now and then, but with things that are helpful for your readers. Don’t just promote anything for the sake of monetizing it.


We’ve taken some specific blog themes and looked at some possible layout design ideas you could use. Of course, since it’s all a matter of taste, you may add your touch to everything we said above. Even more than that, we encourage our readers to share their opinion on how a blog should look like, depending on its niche.

Whether you own a blog or just expressing a personal preference, the more feedback, the better it is for people that want to start their blog.


Thomas Glare is a web designer and travel enthusiast that builds not only blogs for a living but also ones one where he shares all his exciting travels. After getting loads of questions from his friends about what layouts they should use on their blogs, he decided to start writing about web design and aesthetics as well.

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