Create Responsive Ecommerce Websites In Magento

How To Create Responsive Ecommerce Websites In Magento?

Spreading the wings into the realm of the eCommerce industry for companies’ calls for intelligent decision making.

This begins with realizing the incorporation of responsive web design as a must in today’s time. However, an organization can get hands on the best responsive website templates by associating with an established web design company. Typical eCommerce platforms can be beneficial for businesses but these carry several limitations.

Engaging in intricate shipping systems and employing various currencies for the payment system calls for upgrading to nothing but a Magento website. This will largely help in boosting sales.

Why Magento?

Create Responsive Ecommerce Websites In Magento

Since the inception of Magento in 2008, slowly it has evolved into a pioneering e-commerce platform that drives innovation to contemporary businesses.

SMEs can largely benefit from the Magento open-source platform in enhancing sales irrespective of the domain of a business.

This platform is extremely rich in features that have helped it gain a strong position amidst online stores across various sectors. Along with a responsive web design, in terms of security, performance, and capabilities, Magento is simply unmatchable.

Gaining Insight Into Responsive Web Design

RWD or Responsive web design is one of the biggest benefits that the Magento framework offers. RWD shapes websites for offering an experience surrounding optimal viewing across a huge array of devices.

These devices include mobile phones, high-resolution personal computer monitors, etc. In a responsive web design tutorial, you will come across exclusive Luna and Magento Luma and Blank themes that employ the mobile-first responsive design approach. This is ensured by employing JavaScript and CSS.

When a company is first beginning with its customizations, they must employ the Blank theme which will mean that the custom theme will be inheriting from Blank.

Establishing The Business Website

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While starting with eCommerce development, it is important to keep responsive web design in mind while establishing business websites.

Starting from low bounce rates, enhanced conversion rates, SEO boosting to attracting a broader audience, there are several benefits of RWD.

The standard package of Magento 2 is highly well known for its astounding features. Along with additional plugins and modules, an eCommerce website built with Magento will always be responsive. Magento eCommerce web design enables complete customization for fulfilling every business requisite.

Several high-quality themes are available that can be easily paired with the Magento eCommerce suite. It is possible to configure over manifold features as per business preferences, set up various storefronts along with a segmented product base with Magento. Also, there is no need of installing a variety of third-party plugins.

Key Features Of Magento eCommerce Store

Ecommerce web development with Magento incorporates a wide variety of advanced features. Putting these features into use for a responsive web design can largely help in bringing consistency within a brand. The features are as follows:

  • Order management such as call center order creation that offers a translucent system control to the administrators.
    This feature brings enhancements as well for a seamless shopping experience for customers.
  • Changes in product configuration are possible for several kinds of products. Conducting the execution of the changes is possible right from the call center which is on the side of the admin.
  • The custom product configurations and choices are easily modifiable at the time of order creation, in the shopping cart and wishlist functions.
  • Such systems carry the ability to craft new customers.
  • The system can also choose the present customer and see their shopping cart, items ordered last; comparing product lists, giving discounts, etc.
  • Coupon and product management in consumers’ shopping carts via the administrator panel as there is assisted consumer service from admin users and call center.
  • As the order statuses can be customized, order tracking has become hassle-free.
  • Novices can easily set up systems just like experts as there is a predefined inventory of order states. This includes processing, complete, new, and payment review.

Why Responsive Web Design Techniques Are Extremely Beneficial?

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As you create a responsive web design in your Magento website, it will benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Rapid Mobile Development At Affordable Costs – Shaping one responsive eCommerce store by using Magento takes a lot less time as compared to creating an individual mobile app. Time is equal to money these days which is why responsive design will always cost less as compared to any other alternative. Special configuration and maintenance costs are always affordable when it comes to fabricating a responsive website with the use of Magento.
  • Fewer Bounce Rates – An optimized and responsive mobile website always offers an enhanced user experience for all the visitors. This means that these websites will always gain a strong online presence for a longer period. It also allows businesses to discover manifold areas of the website. Visitor engagement will be very challenging if the website is not responsive that will lead to more bounce rates. Employing the Magento framework for shaping responsive websites is the trend that designers and developers need to look for in 2021.
  • Simple Analytics Reporting – A business can make several informed enhancements if it knows where its traffic arrives from. It is also possible if it learns how the users communicate with the business website. Handling manifold website versions need developers to monitor the journey of users via manifold conversion funnels and paths. But when you get hands-on a single responsive web design by employing Magento, it will simplify the entire monitoring procedure. Google Analytics now largely caters to the responsive websites by abbreviating analytics and tracking into one report. By this, you will learn about the performance of the contents on various devices.
  • Faster Pages – The attentiveness of mobile users is always short. Several studies have displayed that mobile visitors like to abandon web pages that take more than 3 seconds to complete loading. A responsive web design is something that is always optimized for tablets and Smartphones. The more a site takes time for navigation, the more frustrated customers can be and they are likely to never return to that website. You definitely will never want that for your business. It is vital to ensure that the responsive Magento eCommerce store employs contemporary performance techniques. These techniques incorporate responsive image display and caching and these largely help in enhancing the loading speed of the web pages.
  • More Mobile Traffic – As per a recent survey, more than half the audience to the top websites emerged from Smartphone devices in the US in 2015. Hence this makes it compulsory for your business to invest in a website carrying responsive web design. You can easily achieve this with the use of Magento as the eCommerce development platform. Websites must navigate seamlessly on smaller screens. This will ensure that users do not have to deal with distorted images or go through a sub-optimal website layout. Responsive designing in the present era is the norm as it provides more versatility at highly lower costs of development.

Final Say

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With the exponential growth of the variety of devices on the current market, responsive web design is on the path of becoming more intricate. Future concerns for designers and developers will also incorporate ongoing SEO, enhanced conversion rates, a decrease in maintenance costs, etc. But Magento e-commerce development services will largely help in combating such challenges seamlessly.

The recent improvements in responsive design are also emphasizing the accommodation of smaller screens. Such trends are here to stay. To learn the cost to develop a responsive eCommerce website, get in touch with us today.

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