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How To Earn A Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Website

Are you aware of the fact that Google shows all non SSL websites as non secure website. This means that if a user or a customer goes to your website which does not have an SSL certification, then they might get a security threat here.

So, it will definitely cause a threat and danger in the mind of the customers and users and they will definitely not be impressed in continuing with a non SSL website.

Also, do you know that SSL certificate helps your website in adding an extra layer of protection. This is also required when you are looking for making online payments.

It is mandatory to have SSL certificates when you are looking for online payments through your website. Thus, it is always good in long term to have a SSL certificate added to your website if you are aiming to go for a business related website.

Now, coming to the tough part. SSL certificates are damn expensive and thus when you are just starting a blog or just starting your start up or a low scale business house, then it is very important to keep the costs low and thus you might think of delaying the idea of getting an SSL certificate at present.

In that case you can place a free SSL certification on your website and then make the same work. This will keep your operational costs also low and thus protect your website and thus your customers also won’t have any security threat as such.

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1. What Is An SSL Certificate?

What Is An SSL Certificate

SSL is known by secure socket layers. It is actually an internet protocol which is known to secure the data. Here the data transfer is secured between the person visiting the website and the website where you have landed or visited.

Every user or customer transfers information when they have visited a website. It might be some general information especially when you are using your office desktop or it may be some sensitive information especially when you are using your mobile. Sensitive information can be your credit card details, card no., password and much more.

In case you are using the normal HTTP then that means that your information or rather the confidential information can be hijacked by the hackers at any point of time. And that is where the role of SSL or HTTPS comes in.

Websites need an SSL certificate that must be issued by an issuing authority. In this case the certificate is verified and then issued and highlighted in the browser address bar. And there you will be able to see the padlock sign and HTTPS instead of HTTP.

2. How To Get An SSL Certificate For A WordPress Website?

SSL or HTTPS is often considered to be quite necessary for all of the websites. And this is mandatory for all and different types of websites. A website is known to collect different types of information like name, age, sex, address and lot more.

In case you are running an ecommerce store or a membership website, then you might need the user to login to your website. And for this you must have an SSL certificate. Most online payment service also require to have an SSL or HTTPS payment gateway.

SSL certificate not only adds the level of security among the users. But it also makes you create a brand in the mind of customers.

You will gradually start to understand that google also recommends using SSL and website which are using SSL have been seen ranking much higher when compared to other competitive websites.

And last but not the least in case your website does not have a SSL certificate then Google will display your website as “Not secure” to your customers. This definitely affects the brand image and also how the customer or user perceives your website.

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3. How Does The SSL Certification Works?

SSL certification is known to encrypt the data by protecting the transfer of information between user side and the landing website. When a user visits a SSL or HTTPS certified website then firstly it is verified that whether the certificate is authentic or not.

In case it is valid and everything goes out well then the website makes sure that the browser uses websites’s public key in order to encrypt the data.

The data is then send back to the intended server or the website and then it is decrypted using the public key or the secret private key.

4. How Much Does An SSL Certification Costs?

SSL certification cost is highly varied. It differs from one certificate providing authority to another. the pricing can have huge range anywhere between $50-200 per year.

Some providers also add on some services to their certificates which might further raise the cost of getting the SSL certificates.

One of the highly trusted and cost friendly websites to buy the same is They have one of the largest domain name registration services in the world and thus one of the most trusted names when it comes to SSL certificates.

Their plans for SSL certificates start with an introductory price range of $35.99 per year and it can extend up to $1,00,000 per year including a number of other components as well.

At one of the most highest prices you can also enjoy trustlogo site seal. After purchasing an SSL certificate you can also ask your service provider to give you the same.

5. How Can One Get SSL Certificates For Free?

There are many website users who are not willing to pay the higher cost of getting an SSL certificate and thus this is mostly for them only.

This will not only increase theft and chances of information loss as well. but small business houses couldn’t afford the cost of SSL certification.

Thanks to a non profit project called let’s encrypt which decided to fix this one and come up with establishing a free certificate authority.

The purpose of this certificate authority is to make it user and time saving and cost saving as well to obtain an SSL certification.

If more and more people begin using SSL certification, then internet will become a much more safe and sound place to operate.

The non profit arm quaickly earned the support of many big tech giants like google, facebook, shopify, and many others.

But the problem begins now. The major problem is that getting a free SSL certificate through let’s encrypt is not easy and everyone cannot do the same.

It is something which is complex and require expertise and technical coding and good sense of knowledge about the same.

Presently most of the wordpress hosting companies are now offering free SSL certificates along with the hosting plans as well now, here you need to use only one of the website providers which will help you to obtain an SSL certificate on it’s own.

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Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Website Providers :

  1. Bluehost
  2. Siteground
  3. Hostgator
  4. WPengine
  5. Dreamhost
  6. inMotion Housing
  7. green geaks
  8. iPage
  9. liquid web

in case you are using any one of these companies then you can easily turn on your free SSL certificate from your hosting dashboard itself.

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