How to Leverage Power of Storytelling for Brands Differentiation in 2011

There is a glut in the world of communications, a chaotic and cluttered situation in mass media, and digital and social media are consumed overwhelmingly. In such a messy scenario, how can a brand arise above the noise to be noticed, seen and remembered? How can a brand ensure  differentiation in today’s media cluttered environment?

To WITS ZEN, what we learned from views expressed by branding experts and thought leaders, brands should approach differentiation by humanizing their brands. And, this is possible through the art of storytelling. Stories sell, and whether they are stories of adventure, style, creativity or something similar, we do buy into them more than ever.

In this regard, WITS ZEN would like to refer recently published article in

McKinsey Quarterly, “The power of storytelling: What nonprofits can teach the private sector about social media”, where the writer took leaf out of the book “ The Dragonfly Effect”, by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith, who highlighted the importance of storytelling for companies and corporate world. To them, “Stories serve as glue to unify communities. Stories spread from employee to employee, from consumer to consumer, and, in some cases, from employee to consumer or consumer to employee. Stories are much more memorable than statistics or simple anecdotes and are a mechanism that allows communities to grow. Strong stories can be told and retold. They become infectious.”
Brands differentiation in 2011 can be done by “telling a Story”; told in a way that “empathize with their audience” and “emphasize authenticity”; and, finally, brand should “match the media with the message”. Once an emotional quotient works, and emotional territory of customers is occupied by a brand, it is difficult for other brands in the niche to compete or displace this differentiation. Once the consumer adopts a product into his or her personal story, brand exposure increases greatly.  A lot of case studies of storytelling by brands can work as reference that includes brands like Nike, Apple, Levi’s, Starbucks Coffee, etc.

-The Article is based on Comment posted in The Forrester Community for Interactive Marketing

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