How To Make Money With Dropshipping

How To Make Money With Dropshipping

What’s better than earning money from the comfort of your home or when you’re on vacation? Nothing beats making a profit from doing what you love without putting in too much investment. That’s why many people are making the shift to dropshipping. 

But before you make the switch, you’ve got to ask essential questions like “how does dropshipping work?” “Is dropshipping legal?” With correct information about these questions, it becomes less challenging to succeed in dropshipping. That’s why this article provides clear details of how a dropshipping business should work and much more. 

With the information this piece provides, setting up a profitable venture with minimal input becomes easy. 

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a fulfillment service that handles retail orders from customers through a supply chain. Consumers initiate this fulfillment service through a retailer’s storefront. Retailers have access to suppliers and wholesalers and never handle inventory control. 

Why You Should Start A Dropshipping Business

There are several reasons why a dropshipping business should be attractive to you. Here’s a look at a few of these reasons:

Money-Spinning Venture

Dropshipping has the potential to become a profitable interest for regular people with little to no startup capital. All you need is a laptop and a strong internet connection, and you can start making money with ease. 

No Need To Manage An Inventory

Perhaps the most relieving perk of dropshipping for retailers is that there’s no need to manage an inventory. You act as the middleman throughout and send orders to suppliers to ship products to buyers. 

Potential For Multiple Ventures

There’s nothing stopping you from handling dropshipping in multiple niches. Automation has made it easy to take a Hydra approach to dropshipping. 

Why You Shouldn’t Start a Dropshipping Business

There’s a potential bad side to running a dropshipping business. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why starting a dropshipping venture may not be a great idea: 

Niche-Dependent Profit Margin

Even if you’ve heard that dropshipping is a ‘low risk, high reward’ venture, that’s not always the case. The profit margin you should expect from a dropshipping business depends on your chosen niche. 

Demand – Supply Inefficiencies May Ruin Productivity

If you’re dropshipping in a high demand, low supply market, inadequacies could disrupt your profits. Some industries tend to receive orders in excess of what their manufacturing capacity can support. Since you cannot directly influence the manufacturer’s production capacity, it may dent your marketing effort. 

Discovering whether a supplier has enough stock to shoulder your transferred orders is another thing to consider. Whenever suppliers find it hard to send customers goods on time, advertising usually returns without dividends. 

Beginners May Find Massive Conversions Quite Challenging

Newcomers to dropshipping rarely find successful marketing easy, especially in ultra-competitive niches. As a newcomer, you may need to settle for very little when your business kicks off. However, the patience and hard work required to upscale a dropshipping business may be hard to maintain for some newcomers.

How Can You Start A Dropshipping Business?

Starting a dropshipping business shouldn’t be a challenge if you follow the steps spelled out below:

  • Select a niche you want to dropship products for profit
  • Engage research to discover trending items in your selected niche and assess competitors’ stock
  • Work with research and add relevant, high-conversion products to your store. Also, add products customers want but your competition doesn’t have
  • Search for a manufacturer or supplier that provides a sizeable amount of items in your niche
  • Develop your storefront from scratch or buyout an old store with a wealth of customers
  • Advertise your products to customers 
  • Engage automated tools to run your storefront 24/7
  • Design a framework to handle bulk orders and customer complaints

With these steps above, you can start and sustain a dropshipping business in any niche. And you don’t need to follow that erroneous belief that you must be passionate about your niche. Passion doesn’t get everyone rich and will surely fail in dropshipping under a low turnover market.

How To Make Money With Dropshipping

A proper understanding of how the supply chain works is what’s required most for a successful dropshipping venture. However, some skills and prior entrepreneurial experience could be a plus to your storefront. 

The dropshipping supply chain works in the easy steps spelled out below:

Manufacturers Create Product And Have Them Stored In Bulk At Warehouses Or Delegate Distribution

There will be no dropshipping business if no products are available to market. Product manufacturers have the product in store you need to advertise to customers. In some cases, manufacturers may sell their products to a designated supplier you need to work with. 

Retailer (You) Opens A Dropshipping Storefront To Sell A Particular Product Or Many Items

Your storefront is the first and last point customers will access in an item fulfillment process. 

Retailer Advertises Products Made By Manufacturer And Receives Orders From Customers

The retailer is solely responsible for advertising products to potential consumers and handles orders. At no time will a manufacturer or wholesaler interact directly with a customer in dropshipping. 

Retailers will advertise products in their storefront and markup the product. Markup actually means adding your commission to the original cost price received from your supplier.  

Manufacturer/Bulk Supplier Ships Goods To Customers’ Addresses

After the supplier receives orders and confirms payment, items paid for are sent. 

After the entire process, you receive your commission for each sale based on pre-determined arrangements. Alternatively, if you’ve already marked up the products before a sale, there could be another way to handle payments. 


How does dropshipping work for newbies and experts, allowing them become successful in a short time? If you’ve been pondering over this question, you’ve got all the vital answers spelled out above. Maxing out your dropshipping effort for profit shouldn’t be extra-challenging. 

Ensure you use this information to maximize gains as a part of a thriving dropshipping supply chain.

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