How To Measure Return on Investment In Social Media

Social Media ROI: Still Elusive!

Yesterday, I was conducting a  Digital Media  session for a group of  MBA students  from a promising MBA institute in NCR, willing to take specialization in Digital Media Marketing. Though, it was an introductory session , I discussed about Social Media ROI.

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Though I couldn’t show to them the latest EpiserverTackling The Social Challenge” report that highlighted the fact that says that only “10% of UK business monitor social media ROI”, but I did tell the aspiring marketers that this is the trend more or less across the globe.

We all in social media industry know that irrespective of great talks of creative campaigns, engagements and likes, finally, our discussion veers to the bottom line, and we know, therein lies the problem.

BzzAgent produced a helpful infographic that examines Social Media ROI .

Source: BzzAgent

Click the image to have a look at the complete Infographic

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