How To Measure Social Media ROI


Measuring social media ROI is  a challenging task, but it’s not impossible.

Every business today acknowledges the importance of social media, they do understand that social media sites provide boost to  their marketing strategy, but they don’t necessarily understand how to quantify social media benefits.

Interestingly,  finding social media ROI is like  the  “Big O” for marketers,  marketing departments commit an increasing share of their budget towards social media campaigns. ( CMO Survey)

CMO: Social Media Spend

If you grapple with problems of calculating Social Media ROI and finding value propositions attached with Social Media, please find below Two steps to measure the ROI of social media:

Traffic Analysis

Analyzing  traffic with website’s analytics speaks more about driven traffic through social media sites. And, the effectiveness of using social media becomes clear by analyzing your website analytics against any paid or PPC campaigns.

According to Adobe Digital Index Report “First-click attribution more accurately captures the impact of social media, increasing its value by up to 94 percent.”

Adobe Index Report

Level of Engagements

Followers , their  interactions, level of engagements and call to action activities  help you measure the ROI of social media. Tracking such activities helps you understand the impact of your social media efforts. Have you tracked social media efforts? If not, what has held you back from doing so? So start  a spreadsheet to keep track of how your social impact is growing over time.

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