Nurture A Bootstrapping Culture

How To Nurture A Bootstrapping Culture

Bootstrapping, or the art of building a business with little or no money, is the most common way to start a company. Marketing guru Seth Godin, author of The Bootstrapper’s Bible. People often ask him for advice on raising venture capital for their start-ups, and “nine times out of 10, I advise them they shouldn’t,” he says.

To get your start-up off the ground,without investors watching your every move, you need to build a  bootstrapping culture that inspires creative money-saving tactics, attracts talented employees who will work for less, and controls cash flow to keep the lights on until you achieve profitability.

Here are the tips for bootstrapping:

  • Try swapping equity for expertise
  • Test the market in small ways
  • Employ creative bartering
  • Encourage developers to jump in – for free
  • Manage your own public relations like a pro
  • Do your own market research
  • Get creative with new investment styles
  • Keep your website simple, and grow it organically
  • Need IT? Get it virtually
  • Get free apps for that

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