11 Tips To Optimize Your Product Pages For More Sales

Are you ready to face 11 tips on how to optimize your product page? Thanks to these tips you’ll get more sales. Your clients will be totally satisfied. Your website will be much better than it is. Following our guide, you’ll create the best future from all possible options.

1. Your Sales Depend On Your URL

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Did you see the URL consisted of meaningless numbers and letters? Of course, you did. But if you want to get more sales you should avoid that. Make sure your URL looks like this:


Don’t use suck the URL like this one:



2. One To One

Using one unique URL point to each product is always a good idea.

Obviously, ecommerce development is much more complicated than just good links. You should understand this approach isn’t possible on each project.

If you are an owner of a complex online store, it isn’t necessary to make it. But if you have such an opportunity, do it because it’ll turn to one of your advantages.


3. Less Is More

Less Is More

Pay attention to the description of your store. Make it short but powerful.

Sometimes 55 characters will be enough to write an awesome description. Include in the “need-to-know” aspects only the most important things about your products or services.

But keep in mind these things should be important not for you but for your clients. Only this way you’ll get more sales.

Your target isn’t to tell about a product but explain people in short form why they need to buy it.

  • Does this product make their life easier?
  • Does it make them happier?

Nowadays to have a good product isn’t enough for a purpose to create a good online store. Too much depends on pictures and descriptions.

Make sure you’d like to buy things you offer to others.

4. The Importance Of Words

Choosing words for title and description, imagine yourself as your potential clients. What words would they use?

Google’s Keyword Planner and Keywordtool.io are great sources for searching for keywords. Choose the simplest words because it’ll increase the chance that your clients use them.

It’ll help you to make your products visible to a greater number of users.


5. The Unusual Title Is A Trap

Cartier Watch

Why is that so?

Because not many people will find your product in this way. Much better use brand-model-item type.

For example, if someone looks for a watch, he probably knows the model number of it. Using the brand-model-item type is the easiest way to title your product and at the same time, it’s the most effective one.


6. Use Only Unique Images

Forget about manufacturer-supplied images. Ask a professional photographer do it for you. All your pictures should be high-quality and unique. It’ll help you to promote your online store.


7. Show It Not Hide

Make sure your clients can see your product from different angles:

  • the front
  • from the side
  • up close

Online shopping should be as comfortable as just shopping. Are you not sure you can make it better? Nope, you definitely can. 3D configurator helps you provide your customers real life experience while shopping online. It helps you to showcase you product from different angles


8. People Need A Real Example

Free Sites

Show your clients the products being used.

Invite models for this target. Let them wear or activate it. Make a few good pictures of this process. Put them on your website. Your clients will be satisfied.


9. Speed Is Also Important

So, you have the whole folder of amazing pictures. Minimize their size to a level where the quality of the pictures isn’t lost.

It’ll help your website work faster.


10. Is That Evident?

Write about things that aren’t so evident at first sight.

  • Describe texture.
  • How heavy is it?
  • How easy to clear it after using it?


11. Find Your Tone


The tone of your texts depends on the target audience. Make sure you know their age, location, preferences.

All in all, your clients choose your online store not only because of your products but because of such nuances as the tone, design, descriptions, etc.

Remember, to get more sales you should strive to be better and clients will appreciate it!

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