11 Tips On How To Organize Your Perfect Wedding

Wedding preparations can be extremely difficult and exhausting for the couple especially if they plan their wedding themselves. There are billions of things to manage, thousands of questions to answer, and hundreds of problems to solve.

However, most brides consider this time as one of the most exciting days of their life. In order to help you manage everything, we gathered 11 tips on how to organize your perfect wedding.

1. Postpone Planning A Bit

Most brides are beginning to plan their perfect wedding the next day after the engagement. However, it is better to wait at least a few weeks and only then start your preparation.

The reality is that brides are usually so inspired that they can spend a significant amount of money on unnecessary things and services. That’s why it would be beneficial to wait a bit and calmly start planning your wedding a bit later.

2. Choose The Style

First of all, you need to decide on the wedding style. Depending on whether it is a party on the beach or a classic ceremony, you can already choose a palette, dress, decor and all other important elements of a wedding day.

3. Set Up The Wedding Budget

Don’t rush to spend money until the budget for the wedding is fully determined. Couples often neglect this advice and order the first thing that they like. This can result in savings on everything else, including essential services.

4. Book A Professional Photographer And Videographer

Even if your uncle dreamed of taking pictures at your wedding all his life, you should consider the quality of these pictures. If your uncle is not a professional photographer with vast experience, it is better to hire a wedding photographer and videographer in order to get qualitative pictures and videos from your wedding.

5. Solve Tasks Gradually

Donэt try to solve a bunch of problems in one day. Allocate at least 7-8 months to prepare for the wedding and solve problems successively. This means that until one is resolved, don’t proceed to the next. This will allow you to completely focus on one task and not get confused at the end.

6. Check Invitations

In a month or so after you send invitations, check if all the guests have answered them. About two weeks before the date of your wedding, you should have a complete list of those who plan to attend the celebration.

7. Spare Shoes For The Bride

It would be beneficial to prepare a second pair of shoes for the bride. These shoes should be more convenient because walking and dancing in high heels can cause severe foot pain.

8. Check Everything In Advance

A week before the wedding it is better to call all the vendors and suppliers in order to discuss all the details again. After that take a break, relax and don’t plan anything important for this period.

9. Take A Break

Wedding preparations can be exhausting and stressful. If you have noticed fatigue, take a break, put aside all the tasks and spend a day with your beloved. This will allow you to recall the main reason why you decided to marry.

10. Postpone A Honeymoon

Set aside your honeymoon for a couple of days. This will allow you to enjoy the moment, relax a bit and complete all the post-wedding tasks. Moreover, you will have enough time to communicate with relatives and friends who have come to your wedding.

11. Enjoy The Celebration

Your wedding is an important event, so don’t spend it on checking the number of dishes and the shade of napkins. Spend time with those people who came to enjoy your wedding with you. Have fun, dance and be happy!

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