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How To Pace, When To Pause And How Long To Persevere!!!

Is Creativity genetically encoded?  Can’t say

Is Creativity magical ? Seems so…

Since childhood, the itch has been there. Wanted to do something creative. However throughout my academic years, I was taught to develop left hemisphere of our brain, which is said to be more logical, analytical and objective.

On the contrary I was completely opposite, more as a heretic, maybe a rebellion in me, always thinking, observing (immersing myself in somebody’s situations) , and to an extent subjective.

Attributes of “Right-Brained”…Right!!!

It is said the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. That I am good at, seemingly :)….

Creativity is a journey, never reaches any final attainment…..I can bask on the glory of being intuitive, thoughtful and creative, but realities of mundane world pinch me very sharply.

Am I ‘misunderstood’? No….

I am misunderstood within. Need to learn how to do things, practically.

Learn:  How  To Pace, When To Pause and How Long To Persevere!!

Apparently a pretty good prescription for How To Live.

Have a look at some vitalizing video snippets on Creativity:

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