How To Recover Data From Hard Drive

How To Recover Data From Hard Drive Not Showing Up?

The working hours feel incomplete without a cup of coffee to skip those narcolepsy naps you get while staring at the computer screen without a blink. Oh yes! The computers with all the important data which keeps your work life going on smoothly. But what if there is a bump in that ride and the creamy coffee you made with so much love spills all over your source of bread and butter?

Hurtful, right?

How To Recover Data From Hard Drive

I would say it is not just hurtful, it is a disaster. Last time when I made coffee just for myself, I had to share it with my table against my will. Thankfully my laptop wasn’t in its reach but my hard drive got caught up by it. As a result of this unforeseen event, my hard drive is now not showing up in the system, leaving me in a complex situation.

It got frustrating because my work deals with a lot of data being transferred from here and there and it became inevitable to stop this. I was wondering how to recover my important work data from the hard drive.

I even tried to plug it in again but find it unresponsive. So, I decided to be a little more cautious and sort this thing out for once and for all. I look upon the internet to find ways and solutions of hard drive recovery that can help me cope with my current tricky situation.

With a little search on the Internet, I found many ways to figure out how to recover data from hard drive not showing up. Here are a few things that I learned to solve my hard disk problem:

  1. First and foremost, make sure the USB cable is not damaged. Sometimes the whole problem lies in the cable and it needs to be replaced.
  2. Make sure that the USB port is working properly which can be checked by plugging in some other device.

Stellar Data Recovery: My Life Saviour

But my luck was not in my favour and the above simple fixes didn’t work for me. The hard drive still doesn’t show up. So, I look up for further solutions and found stellar data recovery India – a professional data recovery service provider. I just reached out to them and they took care of recovering all my data from the damaged hard drive.

I got to know that they have class 100 cleanroom lab that ensure a 100% dust-free environment which is required to retract data from the physically damaged hard drives. As a human tendency, I delve a little deeper to know more about my life saviour. I get to know that Stellar has been recovering lost data for its clients since 1993 which implies that expertise is guaranteed. The company has 15 A-class branches, spread across India, which promises easy reach.

Along with an assurance of upto 100% data recovery, Stellar provides 100% secrecy to the clients as no one goes in the lab except the technical experts, who show the data directly to the clients. This ensures a quality service which they strive to provide to its customers.

Some Words Of Caution

Hard Drive Recovery

In the days of lockdown, almost everyone is working from home which means storing huge amount of data on the hard drives. With so much crucial data saved on the hard drives, it is always advisable to take extra care while using them. There are many factors such as exposure to water, moisture, heat, etc.

that on any given day may cause an irreparable damage to hard drives, resulting in loss of crucial data. So to save your day, make sure to keep a separate copy away from the original data you are working on. To further avoid the scenarios where you would need hard drive recovery, do not let your drive heat up too much and also protect it from any kind of moisture.

Although if it is fated that you will still lose data due the inevitable mishappenings beyond your control; you can always lean back to Stellar for recovering all the important files from damaged hard drives.

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