How To Reduce Too Much of News Feeds on Facebook

Too much noise on Facebook! Too much of updates cluttering your news feed! Let’s Get Rid of such nuisance.Facebook has taken an initiative to make your social life easier.

From Today itself, Facebook  begins suggesting friends you don’t engage with to add to your Acquaintance List. Those added in your Acquaintance List appear less frequently in your news feed.

Acquaintance List suggestions mean you can friend whoever you want, and Facebook will make it easy to shut up whoever you don’t stay in touch with and keep your feed relevant.

Have a look at the screenshot below, and just get out of unnecessary updates.

To use the feature, visit your Friends interface and select the Acquaintance list. You’ll see suggestions in the sidebar that can be added with one click. Select “See All Suggestions” or click this “Too much stuff in your news feed?” link and you can instantly prune whole swaths of people Facebook thinks you find boring. They’ll never know you added them to the list, they’ll still be your friends, and if you find yourselves reconnecting you can always take them off.

Be sure to read the whole process as described by Josh Constine in his article “Quiet Down Facebook Friends You Don’t Care About With Acquaintance List Suggestions” in TechCrunch

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