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How To Use Bubble Wrap To Ship Fragile Items

Having to ship products to customers requires having the appropriate material. A wonderful option is to use bubble packing material. However, it is very important to understand the right bubble wrap for your products.

This will ensure that the items reach their destination intact. Here are tips on how to use bubble wrap to ship fragile items.

1. Pick Right Bubble Size

Pick Right Bubble Size

Bubble wrap comes in various sizes to match items of different sizes for shipping. Bulky products such as furniture require using bubble wrap with large size.

Huge bubble bags and sheets are ideal for lessening the impact of the damage. Additionally, large bubble wrap fills void spaces in packing boxes.

This keeps the items from moving around making them prone to breaking during shipment. Small size bubble wrap is best for keeping fragile items like dishware and electronics safe from scratches.


2. Pack With Bubbles Facing Inside

It is perplexing choosing how to face bubble wrap for fragile items. However, the bubbles should face the item to offer better protective cushioning for the item. This is very important for holding the items in place during transit. The bubble wrap smooth side is more durable with less chances of popping. This explains why you have to package with this facing the outside.


3. Use Bubble Mails For Tiny Items

Use Bubble Mailers For Tiny Items

When having to ship small fragile items, it is a good idea to get looking for bulk bubble mailers. These are ideal for protecting flat items and other tiny breakables. Bubble mailers come in a range of sizes and shapes to match different items. The ideal bubble mailers are tough. Clean, and waterproof. The mailers come with air bubble lining with a strong golden Kraft paper. The mailers come with a self-adhesive strip for easy ad efficient closing and opening.

Flat breakable items like picture frames and CDs need protection in self-seal bubble mailers. The lip and tape make it easy to ensure that the item is safe and intact. The self-seal offers convenient handling without compromising the safety of your items during shipping. A reputable supplier will offer a range of bubbler mailers in various sizes to match your packaging requirements.


4. Choose Right-Sized Box

Larger items need packaging in a box. Ensure to choose boxes in the right size. This requires boxes that are not too small and not too big. Small boxes leave some parts of the items exposed to damage and scratches. Alternatively, larger boxes leave spaces inside making the items to keep moving around. This might encourage chipping and scratching.


5. Fill All Void Areas

Fill All Void Areas

When packaging items for shipping in boxes, ensure to prevent voids inside by filling them using protective bubble sheeting. Leaving spaces in the boxes puts your items at risk of getting damaged before reaching their destination.

Filling all voids guarantees that customers receive their items in good condition for ideal satisfaction. Appropriate bubble wrap guarantees that the items won’t keep moving around with a chance of damage during shipping.

Bubble wrap material for use should be more than a single layer. To have peace of mind, you can as well use additional packaging material to have peace of mind that your items will reach their destination in good shape.

Bubble wrap absorbs the impact when the package is dropped or jostled. Use enough bubble wrap to guarantee the safety of your items. The amount of bubble wrap to use should depend on how delicate the items are. Use packaging material until the items in the boxes no longer move.


6. Appropriate Packing Tape

Avoid using a single strip of packing tape on cardboard flaps. This won’t make your packages secure. To have peace of mind, use about three strips of tape with each strip slightly overlapping the other. Using sufficient packing tape is essential to ensure that your packaging boxes won’t burst open when pushed from the side during shipping.


7. Mind The Shipping Process

Mind The Shipping Process

When packaging fragile items for shipping, the process matters. Using bubble bags on a roll is ideal when packaging items on an assembly line. This allows your staff to work more efficiently by tearing off the bubble bags off the roll. These bags are also ideal when selling crafts online and have to ship customer orders. It is easier to package your items on a clean and flat surface.

This guarantees that your customers receive their items in good condition free from stains, scratches, or smudges. Packaging items in a designated space allows staying organized and careful packing of each box.



Delivering items to customers allows tapping into a wider market. However, there is a challenge of having to ensure that the items reach customers safe and intact. Bubble wrap is a wonderful packaging material to ship fragile items safely regardless of size and distance. Large bubble wrap is ideal for huge items while bubble mailers are for tiny and flat items.

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