iBooks Author Hackathon: Collaborating To Create A Better Learning Experience

“[E]ducation is vulnerable to the ‘disruptive innovations’ emerging in the murky, low-margin bottom of the market. And this is where true revolutions occur”

Clayton Christensen, Business professor at Harvard University and author of several books, including The Innovator’s Dilemma  and Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovations Will Change the Way the World Learns

The world of education has seen an influx of technology with tablets leading the way. iPad seems to have emerged  as the most preferred disruptive device. News technologies have opened up infinite possibilities. And exploring these possibilities are passionate and creative teachers. They have started authoring their own interactive books that can be a classroom disruptor.

iBooksAuthor Hackathon

Imagine this:

  • Students’ eBook supporting multiple modes of learning, from student friendly text and high quality images, to interactive widgets built for the kinesthetic learner to explore concepts
  • Students’ eBooks containing their own teacher-featured videos that are viewable offline to support anytime/anywhere learning
  • e-books containing a live RSS feed to the class blog or class Twitter hashtag
  • e-books containing images of students themselves, video story problems from the business down the road, links to web resources, and online assessments that give teachers immediate feedback on student comprehension

iBooksAuthor Hackathon has started an initiative where a team of passionate educators create, curate, remix, update, compile, and distribute quality interactive modules to  students.

Multiple 2-day events are open for those who desire to join a passionate group of educators eager to innovate the teaching and learning experience.

Adapted from: How Teachers Are Hacking Their Own Digital Textbooks

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