iCloud, Dropbox And Amazon Top Cloud Media

With a combined 27 percent of usage, Apple’s iCloud and ITune Match are top cloud media service providers in the US. This has been revealed by Strategy Analytics’s just-published study.

For everyone else there is a tougher fight.  Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Player   are almost neck-and-neck at 17 and 15 percent respectively, while Google Drive  holds just 10 percent.

However, there is still a long road to travel for cloud service providers as 55 percent of those polled in Strategy Analytics’s survey hadn’t ever used a cloud media service at all.

Other important findings

  • Usage of cloud storage is heavily skewed towards younger people
  • Apple’s service is the only one with more female than male users
  • Google’s is the one most heavily skewed towards males
  • Cloud storage is overwhelmingly dominated by music
  • around 90% of Apple, Amazon and Google’s cloud users store music
  • Dropbox has no associated content ecosystem, yet 45 per cent of its users store music files

Apple announced in January 2013 that iCloud had passed the 250 million user mark, while Dropbox announced in November 2012 that it had reached a milestone of 100 million users. Google and Amazon haven’t shared any official numbers for their respective cloud storage solutions.

Adapted From : Strategy Analytics: iCloud, Dropbox and Amazon top cloud media in the US

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