3 Ideas For Where To Have Your Destination Wedding

If you are looking for a private, intimate wedding, that is unconventional, then you should really consider a destination wedding. Basically what that means is planning your wedding in a location that isn’t near where you live.

It can be in the same state, but usually is in another state or out of the country. Often brides will choose a place that is significant to her and her fianc; if he proposed to you at a vineyard in California, or while vacationing in St. James. Or it can be a place that you view as the perfect wedding location.

We Would Like To Look At A Few Places That Are Very Popular For Destination Weddings. Mentioned It Above:

1. Start With The Vineyard


This is such a romantic choice as the location for where you will be getting married. With the acres and acres of beautiful vineyards it is the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding pictures.

A few tips for this destination: make sure you have a wine tasting at your reception or for the rehearsal dinner; pick wine themed wedding favors or wine wedding favors for your guest, maybe a bottle of the vineyard’s best wine; stick with rich, deep colors such as plum, eggplant, burgundy, or maroon. Make sure you check the local climate and pick a time of year that has little rain; getting married outside is a must here.


2. Welcome To The Islands


Who wouldn’t love having their wedding on a small, out of the way island? All the exotic flowers, trees, and fruits giving the air such a delicious smell. This is a great option for the bride that is getting married in the winter, but wants to have the feel of summer, not to mention your guests will love the vacation from the cold, snow, and ice.

If you go the island route you will want to include lots of the local flowers into your bouquet and decorations. Having a great photographer on hand is a must; you do not want to miss all the prefect photo opportunities. Decide on colors that are found in the exotic flowers, this is certainly not the time for dark colors or pastels.


3. If You Are Dreaming Of A Winter Wonderland, Head For The Snowy Mountain Caps

Snowy Mountain Caps

Nothing says romance like snuggling up by the fire. Having your guests stay at a lodge where you can also hold the wedding is ideal; with all the snow and ice you don’t want to make your guest have to drive all over the mountain side. A great idea for a favor is buying ski lift passes or ski rentals so that your guests can hit the slopes before or after your big day.

You will want to incorporate lots of candles into your decorations; an evening wedding is best suited for this destination. Make sure the reception meal is hearty; this is a great time to offer a buffet with lots of hot dishes to warm the soul. You could even serve hot cocoa to your guests for a bit of whimsy.

So, if you are in the beginning stages of planning your big day, take some time, look at all your options, and talk with your fianc and family about maybe going on a destination wedding. It is important to make sure guests will be able to afford making the journey with you, at least close family and friends. Hope this has opened you mind to some new ideas.

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