Break Up Your Posts

5 Important Blogging Tips Not To Be Ignored

Whether you blog for personal or professional reasons there are certain blogging tips you should not ignore. When you consider your primary concern is to satisfy the blog reader there are particular fundamentals you will want to pay close attention to.

Using a blog platform for marketing on the internet is not all that different than using it for personal reasons since in both cases you want to attract traffic.

In fact the amount of blog traffic you attract and retain is a good barometer as to how successful the blog really is. It is therefore important that you establish certain ‘habits’ early on when blogging to make your site more appealing.

Break Up Your Posts

Here are 5 steadfast rules you should hold yourself to in order to attract and keep the blog traffic you will need if you want your site to make an impact.

1. Break Up Your Posts

When posting minimize the size of your paragraphs and sentences where you can. Large ‘blocks’ of text can be intimidating to your readers. In addition having too many sentences strung together can be very straining on the readers eyes. Learning to save more by using fewer words will save you effort and be appreciated by your readers.


2. Edit Your Work And Check Your Spelling

This only makes sense especially if you are going to take the effort to compose anything. It is easy to run your content through a spell check which is basic software on just about any computer. Also by just taking a few ‘moments’ to reread your work you may uncover sentences that just do not sound right and require a minor adjustment. If you are going to put your name on anything you want to be sure it represents you in a positive light and not riddled with spelling errors.


3. Maintain A Regular Posting Schedule

Some people may not have the time or content to post as frequently as others and that is ok as long as you keep to a predictable schedule. You want to do this so the blog reader knows what top expect from you. If your posting habits are erratic many will become frustrated and not even bother to check back for new updates.


4. Keep Headlines Consistent

With the Content Always be sure your headlines reflect the content of your post. Misleading readers will only serve to confuse, frustrate and drive them away. Readers want to know that they can scan a headline and it will be an accurate ‘preview’ of what they can expect from the content.


5. Post Date And ‘Sign’ Your Post

As unimportant as this may seem to you the blog reader likes to know who the author is and how ‘fresh’ the post is. Dating your post also allows readers to determine how old the blog is. Most blogging programs are set up to display the date and author of any post so always select this option.

The blogging tips we discussed above focus on certain habits that you should develop to better cater to any blog reader. Whether you use your blog platform for marketing on the internet or for personal reasons your success will be determined by your ability to attract and satisfy visitors to your site. The tips we covered here today are the core essentials you will need to supply in order for any degree of success to be yours.

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