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Reasons To Use Video In Your 2019 Inbound Marketing Strategy

Explainer videos have become a way to unlock global opportunities. Organizations, no matter what their size is, have opted digital marketing to describe their brands at the core.

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A report by Wyzowl states that about 63% of businesses use video content marketing to present their products and services to their target audiences. 82% of them admit video marketing is a vital part of their marketing strategy.

Now, video marketing has reached new heights of success. As organizations have gained a good ROI through video marketing, they continuously optimize their video as per the guidelines and algorithms of Google.

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As Video Marketing fuels your business growth with high traffic and queries, it can certainly become one of the prominent ways to promote anything. Do you still have doubts?

Walk through the following statistics of explainer videos:

  • 81% of companies have started using video marketing for marketing purposes in 2018 compared to 63% in 2017.
  • The average person watches 1.5 hours of video each day.
  • About 81% of viewers make their decisions using videos
  • 76% of marketers have able to increase their sales through video marketing
  • Linkedin is the most preferred platform for marketing and snapchat is the least effective video marketing platform, according to marketers

Check out the following points to understand the importance of explainer videos in marketing:


So Many Platforms To Share Videos

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You can host your videos on various platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, e-publications, traditional television ads, etc.

According to the time of availability of your target audience, you can post your videos on social media platforms that represent your brand well. Keep the tone of your message subtle so that it sounds interactive rather than promotional to your target audience.


1. Video Shows Great ROI

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As mentioned above, 83% of businesses confirm that video yields a good return on investment. Video productions pay off big time though it is not the easiest and cheapest method of marketing.

But with the advent of online video editing tools, organizations can make videos within their budgets. And if you are not much concerned with quality, then you can even make videos through your smartphones.

According to recent research, users bounce away from those videos that don’t explain the product or service in the right way. Make sure your approach should be customer centric rather than sales centric.


2. Attract A Big Chunk Of The Audience

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You can place a video on the landing page of your website to acknowledge what you offer. A video on a landing page can work wonders as your traffic gets a way to grab everything in a couple of seconds and in a better way.

Moreover, if your video is compelling enough to convince your viewers, they are likely to make a buying decision on the spot and turn into customers from visitors.

Organizations have gained a big chunk of the audience by integrating explainer videos into their marketing strategies while driving their sales.


What Are You Waiting For?

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Marketing in inevitable part of your brand’s success and the best way of marketing is explainer videos. Make short, meaningful, and viewer friendly videos to achieve success.


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