5 Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking website. Although some people use the site for job searches and recruitment, it mainly helps you to get in touch with past colleagues and potential clients, and expand your professional network.

Increase Engagement On Your Linkedin Profile

Wondering how to increase views and shares of your LinkedIn content? If you Want your LinkedIn posts to attract more viewers then here are five simple tricks to improve engagement on your LinkedIn profile.


1. Write Text-Only Posts

Write Text-Only Posts

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You’ve probably heard that people engage more when a social media post shows an image or video. Although that might be true on platforms like Twitter, this tactic doesn’t seem to work on LinkedIn.

Think about your own experience so far with LinkedIn. You will find yourself that a short text-only post in your stream has a stack of likes and comments. This is a practical experience, you will find yourself also on LinkedIn.


2. Like And Comment On Your Own Posts

Like and Comment on Your Own Posts

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Like your own posts whenever you post something. However, not self-liking is a loss, because liking your own posts and status updates will increase engagement with the post.

Liking your own posts helps because people are more likely to interact with content if others have interacted first.

The same goes for liking your own comments on your posts. This tactic is especially powerful if others have commented on your post because your comments continue to see notifications about new likes and comments on the post, and that might encourage them to contribute again in some way.


3. Engage With Comments On Your Posts

Engage With Comments

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Pay attention to every single comment on any of your posts or status updates. Like user comments and post replies to continue the discussion. Also thank the people who have commented with suggestions or best wishes.

People who have commented will see a notification and that could drive further engagement, ideally leading and persuading them to share your content and post with their network.


4. Record And Share Native Video

Record and Share Native Video

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With LinkedIn native video in the mobile app now, you can record a video inside the LinkedIn app or upload a pre-recorded video from your camera roll.

This feature is new and engaging. So, try to use this maximum to engage with your network and users. But try to keep videos to a length of 60 to 180 seconds to have maximum engagements.


5. Make Your Updates Public

Make Your Updates Public

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LinkedIn now lets you make your status updates visible to the public. To do so, you need to check your settings and then you can choose to make any post public.

Try to engage maximum audience by posting relevant and factual content meant for public. Your general audience can boost your content to multiple folds if the content is relevant.



Remember that LinkedIn wants maximum interaction and engagement among users in order to keep users on the platform. Also it is used to promote your third-party links which encourages users to land on your platforms.

Keep your updates short and relevant, Like and share, invite comments, engage in dialogue and make sure you react positively to everyone who takes the time to interact with your content.

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