Infographic: The Marketers Guide to Pinterest

Sharing photos, images and videos on social networking sites is truly a fad these days. Everyday, almost 250 million visual content are uploaded to Facebook.

Let me ask you one question….. Have you tried Pinterest yet? No!

Guys, it’s seemingly one of the coolest social media channel s, and its reach is growing faster than Facebook. Pinterest is declared the 60th most visited site in the US recently. Pinterest has become an online phenomenon as a visually driven social network where users create virtual pinboards that they fill with images from around the web.

Still lagging far behind Facebook and Twitter, some industry observers find Pinterest the newest platform for PR and Advertising professionals across the world to run their social media campaigns in 2012.

B2C and ecommerce sites are leveraging Pinterest,  visual pinboard social media network site, with beautiful images to showcase new products, helping them increase engagement with their customers. Companies big and small such as Etsy, Real Simple, Whole Foods, etc. are using Pinterest to post products, projects and ideas.

Let’s have a look at the very insightful infographic especially for marketers that help them understand the numbers and demographics using Pinterest to implement successful marketing campaigns:










Click the image above for bigger image of the Infographic.

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