Innovating Like Pros: A Small Businessman's Guide

Innovating Like Pros: A Small Businessman’s Guide

What an awe-inspiring insight! Your first idea is wrong in some meaningful way. There is a  wide Gulf between the first idea and the right idea, say any venture capitalist or successful entrepreneur.

Scott Anthony, Managing Director, Innosight, Asia-Pacific, and the author of The Little Black Book of Innovation, says that “the best businesses emerge out of trial-and-error experimentation. And, he further adds “that doesn’t mean that innovation needs to be random. Instead the best innovators design and execute smart strategic experiments to address their biggest risks.”

So, how do you know your idea is good? Must go through the complete article to understand the worth of an idea. A thought-stimulating excellent piece by Scott Anthony. Go for it.

Adapted from: A Small Businessman’s Guide to Innovating Like Pros

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