Innovator’s Traits! Do You Have It In You?

Innovation is a prerequisite for corporate growth, but can it be achieved with Hangers-On?

Forbes Insights’ recent study identifies five major personalities crucial to fostering a healthy atmosphere of innovation within an organization.This study defines five personality types—Movers & Shakers, Controllers, Hangers-On, Star Pupils and Experimenters—and analyzes how, and if, they generate innovative ideas and implement them.

Corporations need diversity, also in terms of personalities, but the right mix and their distribution across departments prove crucial for maintaining the innovative edge.

Some are more entrepreneurial, and some more process-oriented – but all play a critical role in the process. To wit: thinkers need doers to get things done, and idealists need number crunchers to tether them to reality.

No doubt, unbridled innovation is a wonderful thing. But to get an innovative idea off the ground, it’s crucial to have a cast of characters who can keep that tension between risk-taking and reality at a healthy balance midway between the sky and the ground — where innovation can thrive.

Be sure to have a thorough look at this insight about Innovators’  traits, ” The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You?”  published in Forbes.

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