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Insightful Inputs from The Lean Startups: Part IV

This is WITS Zen initiative to post series of insightful inputs and wisdom nuggets from the book “The Lean Startup”, by Eric Ries. The Lean Startup is a new way of looking at the development of innovative new products that emphasizes fast iteration and customer insight, a huge vision, and great ambition, all at the same time.


Insightful Inputs from ” The Lean Startup:

  • The fundamental goal of entrepreneurship is to engage in organization building under conditions of extreme uncertainty,its most vital function is learning.
  • The effort that is not absolutely necessary for learning what customers want can be eliminated.
  • The right way to think about productivity in a startup: not in terms of how much stuff we are building in terms of how much validated learning we’re getting for our efforts.

Watch out for moreĀ  inputs. To be continued…

If WITS Zen has missed some valuable inputs from the book, please share with us.

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