Inspiring Body Transformations

Inspiring Body Transformations: Some People Recovered From Anorexia, Many Others Discovered How To Lose Body Fat

These people fought hard and achieved the impossible: they managed to transform their body. Some people achieved their weight loss goal. Many others recovered from anorexia. More then 1.5 people have shared their incredible body transformations since 2011 in this subreddit Progress. Take a look at some of the incredible body transformations.


M/29/5’11” [605 pounds > 375 pounds = 230 pounds lost] (14 months) Still considered super morbidly obese but I’ve made some good progress. from r/progresspics



M/35/6’4 [280lbs > 182lbs = -98lbs] (10 years) Salesman grows ginger beard and becomes GQ Model from r/progresspics



F/25/5’6” [317>140=177 lbs] May 19-Sep 20. I used to browse these posts anon for years and cry. Until I decided I was going to have my own picture up here. Shine baby! 😁 from r/progresspics



F/29/5’6” [200lbs > 126lbs = 74lbs] spent most of my twenties depressed & drunk. Looking forward to spending my thirties happier & healthier! from r/progresspics



F/23/5’7” [88 > 126 = 38] (2 years progress) I recovered from an 8 year battle with anorexia and am the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been. from r/progresspics



F/17/5’9” [215 > 140 = 75 lbs] Junior to Senior Prom. Same man, new me from r/progresspics



F/21/5’3 [88lbs – ???lbs] Anorexia Recovery. Getting to know myself again and learning to value myself for things other than my weight 🙂 from r/progresspics



F/38/5’7″ [313lbs > 177lbs = 136lbs] (3 Years) Change your fate. 🏹 Just over three years ago I decided to take control of my life and make some drastic changes. This Sunday I ran my 5th Run Disney Half Marathon and finally got a photo where I feel like I truly look like an Athlete!!! from r/progresspics



M/46/6’3” [520.5lbs > 215lbs = 305.5lbs lost] Joined Slimming World UK in July 2017 – May 2020. 520.5lb – 380.5lb – 215lb from r/progresspics



M/35/6’3”[534>217=317lbs] Same Chair. 3 Years Later. wls 7/2016. Focused on a high protein/low carb diet with a foundation of calorie deficiency. Hoping for skin surgery soon. Currently 12.2% body fat. from r/progresspics



F/24/5”8 [304>145=159lbs] Hey Look Ma, I Made It. from r/progresspics



F/24/5’10” [245 > 160 = 85] Still have at least 25 more to go, but life is so much better now from r/progresspics



M/29/5’11” [260>177=83lbs] Got my new ID badge today. When I put it next to the one I got when I started in November 2017 I almost cried. from r/progresspics



M/22/5’11” [99lbs > 150lbs = 51lbs] Anorexia my recovery from r/progresspics



F/28/5’7” [233lbs to 130lbs] Got tired of being obese and took control of my life! from r/progresspics



M/44/5’10” [418 > 171 = 246] 04/17 to 12/18 from r/progresspics



M/25/6’0”[285>175=110 lbs] I used to get called a fat fa**ot which forced me to hate myself. This week I got offered a commercial modeling contract (something I’ve been working hard for). The weight loss helped, but loving myself (especially my gayness) helped the most. from r/progresspics



M/29/5″10 [253lbs > 176lbs = 77lbs] 11 month transformation. Face gains! Recovering alcoholic. Recently achieved 11 months sober. Im a new man. from r/progresspics



F/49/5’6” [326.5 lbs > 167 lbs = -159.5 lbs] (over 9 years) It’s my Golden Birthday in just 10 short days and I’m simply in love with the me I’ve finally become (inside and out) after almost 50 years! Y’all come on and help me celebrate LIFE! 🎉💃🏽🙌🏾 from r/progresspics



M/31/6’8” [764lbs = 299lbs = 465lbs] Update #6 FINALLY UNDER 300! from r/progresspics

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