Proven Ways To Use Instagram Nametags Most Effectively

Proven Ways To Use Instagram Nametag Most Effectively

If you want to use Instagram Nametag in the best possible way there are a few specific things that you should keep in mind and follow.

This is a new feature of Instagram. The marketers now are taking the most advantage of this tool to attract new followers and to boost their presence on the site in a much more effective and efficient way.

  • The Instagram Nametags was officially launched in late 2018.
  • You can use this feature to create custom Nametags.
  • It allows other users to scan the Nametag with their smartphone cameras. It is them the account can be opened and followed.

According to Instagram, this will make things much easier for the users when it comes to follow other users and connect with them.

If you want to create your Instagram nametag, you will need to follow specific steps that includes:

  • Creating your Nametag
  • Tapping on the Nametag option on your Instagram profile
  • Choosing the custom options available for the background of the tag including different colors or a selfie.

You can change the look of it as and when you wish to add a little more variety to it, as you find in stormlikes. However, the best thing about this feature is its shareability. You share your nametag as an image through email and social media.


To Get Started

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After you have created the Instagram nametags, you should scan it which you can do in two different ways.

The first way is to go to your Instagram profile and the tap on the three-line button located at the top-right corner and then choose the Nametag tab and tap on the ‘Scan a Nametag’ button placed at the bottom of the screen.

The second way is to go to and open the Instagram Stories camera and tap and hold the screen to scan an Instagram nametag.

This is ideally a much faster way in which you can access the scan camera. When you are over and done with scanning of your Instagram nametag, you will see a screen. This screen will allow you to visit the profile of a specific account.

However, if you are not following the account already, there is a large button available that will allow you to follow it when you click on it. on the other hand, if you are already following the account, then there will be a pop-up that will indicate the case.


Ways To Use Instagram Nametags

Social Media on Portable Devices

There are a few innovative ways in which you can use these Instagram name tags and incorporate it into a large variety of your marketing strategies.

One is print and display. Here you will print out your Nametag and display it clearly in your brick and mortar store and use it as a poster in visible areas or a flyer. You can add image in your brochures, packaging, product tags, and other merchandise.

Next is network prepared Instagram Nametag prints that you can use on your business card. Saved as an image, you can even set it as your lock screen.


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