Integrating Quality Marketing Content With Google’s Guidelines

Remember, every 24 hours, 2 million unique blog posts are published. And this is the reason why Google encourages you to pay very close attention to the Quality Guidelines. Following Google’s guidelines will help Google find, index, and rank your site. Does that mean Google search algorithm has rendered content creators irrelevant?

No, not at all. Content creators have not been completely left out in the cold. As Bill Faeth, Founder and CEO of Inbound Marketing Agents (IMA), explains “It’s critical to not just acknowledge Google’s quality guidelines, but to also make them an integral part of how you approach the production of web content”.

Things that must be the part of your content marketing strategy are:

  • Create blog content, landing pages, and site pages for people, not search rankings
  • Don’t try to trick anyone, and don’t use any tactics you wouldn’t feel comfortable explaining to Cutts himself
  • Invest significant time and resources into differentiating within your niche, and providing value

What Quality Means for Your Content Strategy?

Content should reflect your company’s voice, and it should add value to your market. Creating quality content is not as difficult as you think. You just need to:

  • Delve deeper into topics that fit your company’s focus
  • Map your content toward buyer personas
  • Make content which provides some value
  • Provide a new angle, make unusual comparisons, and offer your own voice, your own knowledge, and your own interpretation

Adapted From: What Exactly Does Google Consider High Quality Marketing Content?



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