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How Effective Are Mobile Push Notification Advertisements?

These days mobile phones have become a prime source of digital advertisements. The amalgamation of a mobile phone and push notifications has given a new benchmark to the advertising industry.

It doesn’t matter whether a user owns an Android phone or an iPhone. The push notifications are available for both platforms in the form of Android Push Notifications and iOS Push Notifications.

The mobile push notifications assure more conversions over other means. This is the reason why the emphasis is laid on making them more effective.

Well, if you are still wondering about the power they carry with them. Continue reading how effective are Mobile Push Notification Advertisements to get your answer.

1. High Acceptance

Most of the world population is busy with their daily tasks. It means they are not willing to allow any uneven messages or other mobile services to disturb them.

But when it comes to Mobile push notifications then according to “Statista” 55% to 60% of users agree to receive push notifications on their mobile phones.

It means a huge chance for advertisers to beat the sales target through mobile push notification advertisements.

2. High Opening Rate

It is of no use to simply advertise on various platforms when users don’t show any interest in opening the add. But when it comes to mobile push notifications, then according to “Statista” they carry a 50% higher opening rate as compared to email marketing.

It means chances are higher that the user will go with the sale. This will help advertisers to beat the deadline easily.

3. Better Engaging Time

When it comes to other advertisement techniques they do not provide immediate results. It takes hours and sometimes days for necessary action from the user’s end.

When it comes to the mobile push notification then according to “Statista” 40% of mobile users interact within an hour.

It means when it comes to sales and discounts, or you got some new products, you can use mobile push notifications to draw immediate traffic on your platform.

4. A High Number Of Users

According to “Statista” currently, there are about 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world. It means a huge opportunity to reach millions of people within seconds.

Where else you will find an opportunity to mark your presence in the global business community, so easily and rapidly? Mobile push notifications can do this at an economical cost.

5. Instant Delivery

When you got some unique and new products or services. Your main intention is to let people know about these products and services as early as possible. As if you put a delay some other competitor will take advantage.

Under these circumstances Mobile push notifications are handy. It gives you an opportunity to reach any corner of the world instantly with a single click. It means they can generate huge traffic within minutes.

6. Social Media

A recent report published in “Digital 2020 Global digital overview” states that there are more than 3.8 billion active social media users worldwide. Among these, most of the users are accessing social media through their smartphones.

It means a huge opportunity to go with mobile push notifications advertisements on various social media platforms. It provides a better result along with loyalty and free advocacy.


Mobile push notification advertisements are one of the best means to attract and engage customers on your platform. It provides you an easy and stable platform to interact with your audience.

It provides rich user experience thus ease your marketing efforts. This is the reason why these are considered as an effective marketing strategy.

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