Is Linkedin A Good Link Building Strategy

Is LinkedIn A Good Link Building Strategy?

Link building strategies today makes extensive uses of social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

This magnitude of use is highly due to the popularity of social media today among the tech savvy world. Since these sites are extremely popular the links built through them are considered highly effective not only in the sights of SEO experts but also search engines.

Although Facebook, twitter and Instagram deal with general people with no particular demographics separating out its users LinkedIn houses the job holders, corporate members and aspirants. It is mainly about corporate networking.

On such an instance when the users of a site are largely separated out the question automatically arrives if LinkedIn makes for a good link building strategy?

What SEO community agrees upon is that LinkedIn is a key component of link building strategy for B2B business i.e. Those which deals with other business and not with final consumers.

Here Are The Reasons Why This Is So:

Is Linkedin A Good Link Building Strategy

  • LinkedIn is the hub for business professionals and the businesses too
  • Companies get a neutral setting for posting their contents
  • Subscribers make use of it to find out and reach out to suppliers and vendors
  • It is a great platform to promote ones company and brand

Linkedin Can Provide A Great Means Of Building On Links And Those Yet To Capitalize On It Need To Check Out The Following Reasons:

1. Company’s Profile Page

You get a link to your website from your LinkedIn profile besides employees can also link their profiles to that of company thus ensuring multiplied link building by linking to not only company’s website but also blog and other social media profile.


2. Posting Contents On Your Profile


LinkedIn is the perfect platform for posting business related information or contents something which is not appreciated as much on other social media. So now you can flaunt your product and brand and post website links. Although caution is recommended in not overdoing the updates and keeping some sort of variety in it.


3. Create Engaging Outreach Information

LinkedIn helps in the creation of engaging outreach information by a number of means:

  • Advanced Search
  • Common Ground
  • Contact Information


4. Being Active And Participative

Search Engine Ranking

Participation and being active on LinkedIn can earn you not only current but also future links.

The issue here is not if LinkedIn is at all good as a link building strategy because it is a great platform for this purpose. The question comes in whether or not it is good in all aspects. It has been seen that LinkedIn is better at B2B aspects over B2C businesses.

LinkedIn is can be of great help in building quality links and should be incorporated in link building strategies if the product, the target market are consistent with LinkedIn’s features and characterestics.

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