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How Wine Helps Keep Our Hearts Healthy

Enjoying a healthy life and lessening the impact of unhealthy practices is a major topic of discussion today.

Each type of food entering the market undergoes scrutiny to ensure that it is not harmful to the public in any way. Wine, as one of the products, is seriously advised against due to its alcoholic content.

However, according to WebMD, a bottle of red wine that accompanies your dinner each day has immense health benefits.

One of the benefits of having a glass of red wine on a daily basis is cardiovascular health. The question behind this assumption is: how does drinking red wine help with keeping your heart healthy?

Red wine is rich in antioxidants and specific resveratrol. The compound is responsible for different factors associated with keeping your heart healthy. The antioxidant is essential in that it:

1. Reduces Blood Pressure Levels

Drinking Wine Helps Keep Our Hearts Healthy

Studies show that taking a glass of your favorite Stella Rosa increases the bioavailability of nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide is responsible for proper communication or signaling between different cells in the body.

It facilitates the relaxation of tissues in blood vessels allowing better flow. Besides, red wine prevents the death of cells, which can be harmful if it happens frequently or excessively.

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2. Lowers Cholesterol

Red wine keeps your levels of cholesterol in check. Since high levels of cholesterol are a significant factor that contributes to poor heart health, ensuring better management guarantees protection from heart diseases.

NCBI studies indicate that red wine promotes proper levels of cholesterol. Therefore, by helping manage your cholesterol and reducing the standards to a desirable state, your heart health remains intact.

3. Helps Fight Obesity

Helps fight obesity

Obesity is an increase in body fat percentages of 33% for women and 25% for men according to Medscape.

Body fat directly leads to the occurrence of heart conditions according to the American College of Cardiology. Obesity is a major cause of atrial enlargement atherosclerosis and ventricular enlargement which lead to heart diseases.

Resveratrol in red wine helps in treating individual facing weight problems. According to W.H.O, over one billion people around the world are overweight, and an additional 300 million people are obese.

The resveratrol works by stimulating the assimilation of glucose into the body by converting it into energy.

As a result, little to no fat undergoes storage or conversion into body fat. It lowers the chances of gaining too much weight due to fat deposits. This helps in preventing heart diseases.

4. Reduces The Risk Of A Heart Attack

Studies on the impact of alcohol on heart disease indicate that taking moderate alcohol content has several protective benefits. The time limit for the study was 24 hours, and the results were positive.

However, the study also indicated that heavy alcohol intake for either a short or long period could have devastating effects, including stroke and other heart related medical conditions.


The heart is a delicate organ that requires continuous protection against lifestyle elements such as alcohol. However, moderately taking a glass of wine or two a day has clearly shown to have beneficial health impacts on the heart.

Not only is it protective, but it also shields from other factors such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, and even heart diseases.

Therefore, take your red wine in moderation, and you will not suffer through a heart disease but instead will enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and heart.

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