Know Who Has Viewed Your Updates On LinkedIn


After “New streamlined navigation”, “Add rich media to your updates”, “Call out your connections”, LinkedIn has introduced two more features on its toolkit:

  1. “Who’s Viewed Your Updates”
  2. “You Recently Visited”

Who’s Viewed Your Updates provides you with one simplified snapshot of what you’ve shared over the past 14 days, who has seen it and how it has been received (liked, shared).

In addition to the engagement from your 1st degree connections, Who’s Viewed Your Updates will also show you how many of those members in your 2nd and 3rd degree networks, engaged with what you shared.

“You Recently Visited” feature includes highlights of recent profiles you have viewed, searches you’ve done and group discussions you have viewed or participated in. This makes it easier to retrace your steps, re-engage in conversations or follow-up with that old colleague you intended to connect with.

Adapted From: A More Personalized LinkedIn Homepage

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