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Babbel Review : Find Out Is It A Best Language Learning App

Language learning apps are increasing day by day and learners are getting confused as to choose which app for learning. I am also a language learner and was fond of learning Spanish but was confused to opt for which app.

I tried many apps but could get satisfied with their way of learning and my money was getting wasted. I thought to give up learning Spanish but then I came across Babbel the language learning app and with a heavy heart I try Babbel to learn Spanish.

Well now the heart is not that heavy and I am very impressed with the learning process of Babbel. If you are also looking to learn a language and unable to select an app then here is my Babbel App Review, you can have a look at it to make your decision easy.

Overview Of Babbel

Babbel a language learning app is based on the digital platform. Its course is completely online that focuses on reading, writing, listening and speaking of the targeted language. It starts with the basics that are required to know about the language.

Babbel app is both for beginners as well as for advanced learners. It helps in improving the sentence structure and give you a grip top get a hold on the vocabulary.

It offers a total of 14 different languages; all languages are taught in different ways according to their course structure.

Talking about the price, Babbel offers its first lesson free for the users to take a trial of the learning app. After you register you can access the entire course by paying the subscription cost.

Babbel App Features

A review of Babbel continues by telling you the amazing features of Babbel.

  • Short lessons (10-15 minutes)
  • Speech recognition for improving pronunciation
  • Lessons cover entire topics
  • Wide range of vocabulary
  • Review, to make you remember what all you have learned

How Babbel App Does Works?

Babbel is available in both Mobile and desktop versions. When you first launch Babbel you are asked to choose a language to move further.

Then you are required to give an assessment test where your knowledge will be evaluated about the language you choose. According to that, the levels will be set for you. Various tasks are arranged to make learning easy and effective.

Babbel Courses

Continuing my Babbel review there are courses offered by Babbel that are all online and differ from language to language.

The courses are categorized and then sub-categorized. For example, there is a grammar category that is further sub-categorized into tense, verbs, conjugations and more.

The tasks that are provided for practice starts with basic and then gradually the level rises. Tasks such as:

  • Choosing the correct translated sentence or word
  • Completion of the sentence in the targeted language with the help for options provided
  • Arranging the words in the correct form
  • Matching the words of English with the targeted language
  • Audio lessons with the voice of the native speaker


I hope the Babbel review was informative to you in making a wise decision to choose the language learning app.

As I have shared my little experience of using Babbel to learn Spanish. You can also try Babbel to learn any of the languages that it offers and begin learning. If you want to know more about Babbel then simply visit the official Babbel website.

Author Bio :

I am Hardeep Kaur, working as an Editor and Content writer. I love writing blogs on various topics related to language learning. I also loves visiting new places in my free time.

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