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How To Launch An App The Right Way

No modern business can survive without a digital presence today. For many businesses though, going digital is not just a question about staying in sync with times, but it is the business itself! The rise of smartphones opened the doors for mobile apps to swoop in and change our lives and the way we do business forever.

No wonder then that mobile app development services are much in demand globally and every day, hundreds of new apps are hitting the market.

However, the journey between wishing and actually launching an app is one which is tricky and full of challenges, some unseen. Y

ou can get the best and most expensive agency on board and you might still end up with a poor app. It is important that these basic steps are followed so that you and your team has the best chance of launching a successful mobile app for your business.


Identify Your Necessary Features And Create A Wireframe

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Nobody knows your product better than you. Hence carefully consider what all features you would like to have in an app. Accordingly the brief for the app developer will be prepared.

What all and how many features you want will decide how the developer will approach the project. He/she can either create your app from a precast template or if your requirements are unique, he/she will then design and develop the app from scratch.

In fact, it will be even better if you can create a rough wire frame which the developer can follow. The advantage of a wire frame is that there would be little opportunity for any misunderstanding. The developer will be able to align his/her thoughts with yours much better.


Thorough Market Research And Identifying Target Audience

The more you know the market and what your potential competition is doing or not doing, the better prepared you will be when it comes to avoiding errors and developing a good app.

Exhaustive market research will not just give you an insight into what to expect going forward, it might also help you add a few things you might have missed in your initial brief about features.

You might also pick up certain things that your competitors are not doing but which you feel will be beneficial. Market Research will also help you understand your audience better. Unless you properly identify your target audience, there is no point creating an app, since you will be all over the place.

Remember in this day and age, your campaigns are extremely targeted and knowing your core audience will help you create an app with which they and if required only they can identify with. It’s almost like writing a song in a language spoken by just 1000 people. However if I do sing in that language, I can pretty sure that these 1000 people will join in immediately.

After the first two steps, we come to the part when you would need the help of experts. Before this, you have created a good brief with a proper wireframe which includes all the features you need, backed up by solid market research. Now, all you need to do it find the right developer/s.

There are a few things you should consider while looking for a developer. Now we have entered the phase that monetary decisions need to be made and you would need to weigh all sides before taking the plunge.


Get Quotes For App Development Or Do Necessary Research Online

Go Paperless With These Android Apps

This is a two-step process. First you need to invite quotes. This can be done by publicizing you need on various platforms like job sites and or freelancers’ portals. Be very clear about your requirements and what you would prefer in terms of skills and experience.

The next stage is to shortlist. Normally, in bidding processes, the cheapest bid tends to win. However do not do that. Advertising the job online would mean that you would get quotes from developers and agencies all over the world.

Difference in currency rates and other factors would often mean that a quotation from an agency in India or China would be significantly cheaper than an agency based out of the States or in Europe. It might be a good idea to shun freelance developers completely and go with an agency, unless the freelancer has a solid profile.

After shortlisting, do proper research about your shortlisted hopefuls and scrutinize their work. Read the testimonials from previous clients and contact them if necessary to check out their veracity. This exercise is easier if it’s an agency and has its own website with examples of past work and testimonials.

Off course, some professional freelancers also have the same. Once you have done your background check and satisfied your doubts, make your selection. In case budget becomes an issue, look to hire app developer in India through reputed agencies.


Stay Tuned In And Ensure A Great

Do not tune out of the project, even if you have hired the best developer. You must stay tuned in and give direction to the project by helping design the right UI for a good UX.

Remember you know your product and your potential consumer best. The developer can produce a glitch free app, but for the right UI/UX, you must lead from the front.


Do Rigorous Testing Post Development


Although you must be itching to launch the app, be patient and put the app through the grinder. Vigorous testing ensures that all errors are thrown up and can be corrected before launch. This helps in alleviating the UX and keeps your app and your product in the consumer’s good books.



Now you can launch your app. Ensure that you market it properly and collect feedbacks in the initial phases. Once your app is live, maintenance and course correction is a continuous process.

It might be wise to engage the same agency which designed the app to maintain it as well, since they already know the product well.

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