Lean LaunchPad, Stanford’s experiment in teaching entrepreneurship

In  one of our earlier posts, WITS Zen discussed about Lean LaunchPad, a program run by Stanford University, which is an experiment in teaching entrepreneurship, bringing together many of the new approaches to building a successful startup. For WITS Zen readers’ convenience, part one is here, two is here , and three is here.

The Lean LaunchPad class was scheduled to meet for three hours once a week. Every week, each team would give a 10-minute presentation summarizing the “lessons learned” from getting out of the building. Steve Blank writes, “The most interesting part of the class would happen outside the classroom when each team spent 50-80 hours a week testing their business model hypotheses by talking to customers and partners and (in the case of web-based businesses) building their product.”

Steve Blank writes the part four in his blog.

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