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Where Can You Order A Rental Of LED Walls?

A LED wall is one of the must-have tools during events taking place in big studios with a big number of guests. These are big screens that allow event hosts not just to display something to the audience and ensure that everything is visible to the guests, but also to digitize the space. Wall-size LED screens are necessary to establish a professional setting for a big occasion in a respectable venue.

Even though LED panels are usually large-size applications, there is a diversity of small-size solutions that may be applied in different spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Find out more about how to choose the best option and explore the best LED wall rentals in your city.

What LED Walls Can You Rent In New York?

The diversity of such tools in the New York market of digital appliances is quite wide. You can rent LED screens that suit your specific requirements and the general settings of the space where the event will take place. Generally, in New York, you can find all models of LED screens you might think of. They differ by the following technical characteristics:

  • Brightness: 600 — 15,000 NIT (candelas per square meter)
  • LED lighting: SMD, DIP, and COB
  • Wall dimensions: 576mm*576mm
  • The pixel pitch: 0.7 — 2.9 mm.

These are just the basic features that should be taken into account. If you aren’t up to a specific model that will certainly suit your place best, find experienced LED panel suppliers that will consult and help to choose the best option for your needs and possibilities.

Which Companies Provide LED Walls Rental?

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of LED walls in New York, you should consider getting in touch with This company is a premium provider of Audio Video equipment  rental services for different occasions and venues. They display LED walls in different dimensions and with different characteristics to ensure that the audience will enjoy visual content of the highest quality. They offer models with different resolutions and types of LED.

One more reason why consider ordering LED wall rentals from this company in NYC is that it has all types of equipment regardless of the venue — whether it’s a classic theater or a nightclub. All sorts of visual, lighting, audio and decorative appliances are available: drapes and pipes, speakers, microphones, screens, stages, spots, and dance floors. All solutions come at reasonable prices and with fast delivery across NYC.

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